Wedding Season

Although I should probably be blogging about preparing for my wedding, I'm not...& haven't really started on all that stuff yet (I know, I know, I need to...I'm just a bit busy right now and waiting for the school year to wind down).

I am writing about all of the weddings we get to soirée ourselves to this summer...the first this past weekend! I think we have something like 6 or 7 weddings to go to this summer which is a whole lot. That's a bunch of gifts (or gift cards, as I tend to get instead cause I wait till the last minute to get a gift and then all that's left on their registry is some $500 item that I'm definitely not forking out that much money for (sorry! Alex is cheap!!)) to buy and a bunch of outfits to get together (although I have absolutely no problem wearing the same dress to every wedding, I was told I MUST change up my outfits and wear not just the same dress over and over.

This wedding we went to on Friday night was one of Mike's coworkers. It was a really nice (& small!!) wedding (the ceremony only lasted 15 minutes!) and reception. The reception was at Kemoll's Top of the Met in downtown STL. It was gorgeous and had an amazing view. With as many of these weddings as we're going to I'm definitely taking in some ideas and "must dos"...however, as I've said before, we're not picky at all and will be sufficiently happy with whatever we do. So here's to a great summer full of weddings and celebrations (& free drinks!)...woo hoo!!!

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