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YO YO YO! I'm Alex!

I like to write...and take pictures. 

In a nutshell, I'm a photographer (alexandriamooneyphotography.com), birth snapperGoogle Certified Innovator, tech nerd, Apple lover, history buff, root beer enthusiast, avid reader, unofficial movie critic, world traveler, micro-blogger (@AlexRMooney), insta-overgrammer (@alexandria.mooney), reality TV addict, former division-one softball player, former #googleglass explorer, GoPro picture-taker, self-proclaimed meteorologist, Tula wearer, former cloth diaper addict, dog lover, devoted wife to a crime scene investigator, and, most importantly, a mama to Patrick, Rosie, Annie, our angel ClarkTeddy a beautiful 15-year-old dachshund/terrier mix named Scooter (@Scooter_the_Dog) that went across the rainbow bridge in December of 2018 that was this blog's former namesake (RIP lifeofscooter.com.), and our brand new pandemic Shorkie pup, Sunny, born in June of 2020 who is just the perfect little floof to add to our family.

Enjoy my ramblings...they're all about my life, as has been mostly lived in the shadow of our 17-pound pup Scooter (he's way more famous than we'll ever be--pooch even had himself a job!) before he went to puppy heaven at the end of 2018...and now is alllllll about my own personal musings, mostly in the shadows of what my wonderfully chaotic lovely children are up to. thanks for stopping by! drop me a line if you so wish!

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