New Year, New Look

First off, not starting this year off right on the blogging front as it's almost the end of January and this is my first blog post of the year.  Oops.  BUT IT HAS BEEN BUSY!

And here's one of the things I've been busy with...

I wrote this when I posted on social media, and I felt like it was the perfect little description for this blog post too...

For over two years I've been wanting something forever lasting to honor our sweet little boy.  I've had a few pieces of jewelry stones crafted...but I wanted something that would be with me always, everyday, right there, whenever I needed a little high five from my Clark man above. 

Well, after what seems like an eternity of waiting, last week my most favorite ultrasound picture of our guy's chunky little hand forever etched in a place that not many will ever notice, but I will always be able to see. 

Clark William, always in my mind, always in my forever on my wrist 💙👋🏼

{huge shoutout to Electric Unicorn Tattoo Studio for making my vision come to life ✨}


I catch myself looking at it multiple times a day and it just makes me smile.  Clark is always always always on my mind, but man, is he even more so now with his little hand right there for me to 'high five' and look at whenever I want.

The kids really love this tattoo too -- they are still grasping that it's permanent and not coming off unlike their 'tattoos' they put on.  Teddy seems the most interested in it -- he's always touching it and trying to feel my wrist, which makes me smile so so so big -- because without Clark, I don't know if Teddy would be here.  I just love that he's got this connection with his big brother in heaven.

I honestly never ever wanted to get a tattoo -- because rational Alex was always like, "Is this something you like JUST FOR NOW?!  Will you like this in 10, 20, 30, 40 years?!?!  Will it mean as much to you then as it does now?!"  And for everything my answer was nahhhhh, it's a NOW thing.  But as soon as we had to say hello and see you later to Clark, I KNEW I wanted -- NEEDED -- to get a piece of him put on me forever.  And I answered yes to all of my questions I'd ask myself, because YES.  His sweet little chubby hand is something I wanted on me now, tomorrow, and 40 years from now.  So I got it.  And I look forward to people asking me tomorrow and a year from now and 20 years from now about what that little hand on my wrist means 💙👋🏼

I've jumped on the TikTok train and whipped up one about my tattoo...which you can checkout below.

Anyways, I just had to start off my first post of this new year with this new look for me...that I absolutely adore and am just so obsessed with!  Always with me little buddy...and now always on my wrist!!

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