Snapping with Annie: TikTok Edition

I have shared about my newfound love for TikTok, and, welp, I decided to make one with Annie and her wanting to snap some pics of Sunny with my big camera!  I mean, who am I to deny her this request!?!

She had an absolute blast using my big camera to snap a few pics of Sunny and it was so so so much fun getting to document her snapping and then whipping up this fun little TikTok video (which SO BIASED but I feel like it should have gone viral too! haha!) to document it.

It warms my heart so much that my kiddos seem to love taking pics as much as I do.  I mean, I cannot wait to see what they become when they grow up, but I always hope, photographer career or not, they have a love for capturing pictures and the world and people around them.

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