Snapping My Kids: TikTok Edition

Welp the craziest thing happened: I joined TikTok and one of my first videos went viral! OMG!  It's got over 200k views and I'm pretty freaking stoked about it.

One of my photog buddies said to really take advantage of TikTok and IG reels for engagement boosting which turns to inquiries and oh boy.  She was so right.  I've gotten so many more followers and social media linked inquiries since doing these! YAHOOOOO!

The premise of this video was that I needed our picture in our family room 'updated' over our I documented the process of doing that...and, welp, here ya go!

It was actually a lot of fun (and a bit challenging at times, if I'm being honest!) to make and, well, the results turned out to be amazing cause check out this gem we got!

Such a winner, right?!?! 

I ordered a wooden framed print from Smallwoods and it's now over our TV and I am SO IN LOVE.

Anyways, just wanted to share my new found love of TikTok (I will say I still enjoy browsing and watching videos more than making them!!) and a little behind the scenes snappin' action with you all!

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