1SE: January 2021

Ahhhh, another year, another year long project!  And, lucky you, I've got two uppy-dates for you on this last day (Annie's birthday! FOUR!) of January for ya.

Here I am on year FOUR (!!!) of my 1SE project...January, 31 long winter days, are in the books!

And, back again for my SIXTH (!!!) year, my year long 365 (this year!) project!  I actually am totally digging my #mooneycaptionless365 project for this year.  No lengthy, thought out captions, no trying to come up with the perfect picture to fit the theme...just a snapshot of that day, captionless, and that is it.  And I LOVE IT.  Will be a fun book to print at the end of this year I think.

Anywhooooo, that's all I've got for January!  Here's to the end of a pretty good month (yay vaccine!) and hopefully 2021 keeps getting better and better as we go on. I am so optimistic. PLEASE GOD LET IT BE BETTER THAN 2020!! GAHHHH!!  Farewell January...onto February we gooooo!!

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