Annie at 4 Years Old

Oh my goodness.  How is Annie girl FOUR YEARS OLD already?!?!?

I was telling Mike just the other day it truly feels like she's just this itty bitty little toddler and now she is just a mere year and a half away from starting Kindergarten!! HOW THO!?!?!

She really has grown up so much this past year -- and although physically she didn't seem to 'grow' that much, her mental and emotional growth has been HUGE.

Keeping with tradition, we snapped way too many 4th birthday snaps...just a few days ago when we got a good amount of snow to do them in!

Yeah.  Took a lot.  Haha!  She's just so darn cute! And cannot resist some SNOW PICS, amiright?!?! 

We head to the doc for her 4 year checkup later this week (and she's totally getting her kindergarten vaccines early. YOLO.), so official stuff with come then...but for now, just my lovely mom observations about our littlest lady at 4 years old!

  • Annie weighs about 33 pounds and is about 38 or so inches tall (ballparking it here!!! - but we'll find out for sure on Friday at her 4 year checkup).  She's definitely our petite little lady still!!  She just moved into 4T clothes, and a lot of them are pretty big on her, but some of her 3T stuff was getting a bit we busted out all of the 4T hand-me-downs from Rosie and Annie is so loving her new clothes!  My guess is within the next year she and Teddy will be the same size...stay tuned if that prediction comes true!
  • Annie still is an amazing talker and has an incredible vocabulary.  She speaks better than her older siblings some days and is SO SO SO smart (not just mom goggles here, she really is!) and remembers EVERYTHING.  She questions everything, wants to learn everything (she always wants to practice Rosie's sight words with us!), and truly is a little sponge absorbing everything around her.
  • Girlfriend started her first year of 3s preschool this fall (in person! HOLLLLLLLA!) at a new school and has sooooo loved it.  She goes full days 3 days a week (next year she'll go 4 full days!) and has a blast every single day she's there.  She's learning so much, making new friends, and really is just a fun kiddo to have in class (so biased!!).
  • LOVES dance class -- fortunately one of the things that has actually still taken place this year -- she is so loving her once a week classes she gets to go to!  She loves dancing any and every time she can and cannot wait for her dance recital again this summer.
  • Much like her big sister, is a huge girly girl!  She loves all things pink and purple, loves Barbies, LOL dolls, Mini Brands, Play-Doh, Calico Critters, PlayMobile -- basically any tiny things she can collect -- princesses, dress-up, and playing with her siblings!  She still loves Peppa Pig and the Wizard of Oz (requested a Dorothy cake again for her birthday this year!) and is just an all-around little girly girl.
  • Purple Bunny is still her homeboy and she cannot go to sleep without him.  She doesn't seem to carry him around the house anymore (he just stays in her bed), but he's her lovie and she definitely needs to snuggle him when she goes to bed at night.  She also has to have her billion other lovies in her bed to fall asleep with.
  • Much to my dismay, Annie has officially dropped her afternoon nap.  And while I think she totally still needs it, she just fights it, so we gave up and let her just do 'quiet time' (aka watch her iPad) with the big kids while Teddy naps.  I will say, since she dropped her nap bedtime is so much easier and she seems to fall asleep SO FAST (holy worn out!) since she does get her afternoon siesta anymore.
  • Loves playing on her iPad and taking pictures on it!  She's a whiz using it -- loves to play games, color, draw, and of course, watch her videos and YouTube Kids shows!  She recently got a new butterfly case and she's just obsessed with it. 
  • Still shares a room with Rosie and that will probably happen until the girls are moved out of the house.  HA!  But they really really love it and have such a blast together 98% of the time.  They are best friends and can play together and keep themselves occupied 24/7 if need be!
  • Has a very strong opinion about things, whether it's picking out her clothes, what shoes she's going to wear, how she's gonna have her hair done -- so much!  She's a strong willed little one and doesn't let anything stand in her way.  
  • Loves to go to Six Flags and ride as many of the scary rides as she can!  As soon as she grows a few more inches she'll be able to do some of the bigger coasters and I know she'll be SO SO SO excited for that -- this chick is fearless!
  • Takes bribes like a CHAMP.  HAHA! I still have to bribe her (and her siblings!) sometimes for picture cooperation and it takes one mention of a Hershey's kiss or pack of fruit snacks for her to cooperate. 
  • Absolutely ADORES Sunny.  Getting that pup was hands-down the best decision of 2020 and every single one of our kiddos loves her, but Annie probably the most.  She just lights up when she sees her and tells everyone when she's not home she wants to get home to see Sunny.  It's the cutest thing ever.
  • Is the best little sister -- and big sister!  She's got the best of both worlds being a little sister to a big bro and sis, and a big sis to her little bro.  She really loves her siblings SO MUCH and the majority of the time they play so well together (especially her and Rosie!) and just love each other.  I am so so so glad they have each other!
  • LOOOOOOVES to have sleepovers at NeeNee's and KiKi's!  Is not scared one bit to go to their houses solo and be spoiled and get to sleep in a big giant bed all by herself!  She does love when Rosie comes with her, but truly just loves getting to spend the night out. 
  • Still has some amazing side-eyes and expressions and truly keeps us laughing and smiling each and every day!  Her literal-ness is spot on and she truly doesn't miss a beat with anything.
  • Really her only nickname is Annie.  She doesn't mind as much when we call her Ann or Ann Maria, but she'll be quick to tell you that her name is ANNIE!
Oh my goodness sweet Annie girl, I cannot believe you are FOUR!  What a great past year you had...I truly cannot wait to see what you do this year!  Keep being amazing sister bear -- we love you so much!!

And here's some big kid memory lane travels for ya...

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