New Ink

Way back in January I got the coolest tattoo ever (in my totally unbiased opinion!) on my left wrist.  I love love love it as much, if not more! than the day I got it and it's the perfect little reminder and daily high five of our sweet little Clark.

Back in July Mike had asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told him I wanted a teeny tiny rainbow tattoo on my right wrist. Rainbows are such a powerful symbol for me - whenever I see one I know it's a little kiss from Clark, and then Teddy is our sweet little rainbow baby.  Plus, who can be mad when you're looking at at rainbow?! They are beautiful and imperfect and amazing and all of that.  I just love everything a rainbow symbolizes...and I wanted one to look at every single day.

Another loss mama friend of mine wanted to get a tattoo to honor her little one she lost earlier this year, and she asked if I'd go with her to get it.  I figured that would be the perfect time to get my new little rainbow...and turns out it was!

It's teeny, simple, dainty, and just perfect.  I love that I have this perfect reminder of all that I love about rainbows and all that they remind me of now on my right wrist...just across from Clark's perfect little hand.

I'm sure I'm done with my ink journey, as I'm weird and like to keep tattoos visible to me at all times but tiny enough that no one else notices them :) I do love both of these so so so much and love everything that floods my memory when I look down at them each and every day.

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