Westchester Walkers

Maybe the biggest 'school' milestone has been hit this year and I am already, 6 days into school, SO SO SO excited for this one...buttttt, I give you...

The Westchester Walkers!! 

These three are walking home every day from school this year and it is the coolest and most convenient thing ever, cause I'm not hauling ass picking Annie up trying to get to their school to get them...they can just leave and walk home together! WOOT!

Because they're walking solo, Patrick takes his cell phone to school and leaves it in his backpack (thank you parental controls which literally leaves it off till school is out) and then can get it out when they walk home.  And as a signal for when they're headed home, I have him send me a selfie every day and OH MY GOSH ARE THESE NOT THE CUTEST, BESTEST THINGS EVER??!!

Like this is so darn cute and I cannot wait to see what every day brings...cause one is cuter than the next!

I'm totally gonna have to make a book of all of these at the end of the school year I think :)

I'm sure I'll have more to share as the year goes on, but here's to an amazing IN PERSON school year with these big walkers! :) 

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