First Day of School 2021-2022

Ahhhhh, friends!  Another school year is upon us...and unlike last year with so much uncertainty about what it was going to look like, we are fairly confident that this year is 100% in-person, full time! WOOT! 

The big kiddos (all 3!) are wearing masks full time at school and to be honest, that is 110% okay cause I'd send them in a hazmat suit if that's what it takes to keep them IN SCHOOL!

And even though I'm a couple weeks tardy on this post (oops!), I am happy to report that everyone is still in school, no quarantines, no isolations...and hopefully this isn't a thing for them this school year!  Fingers crossed!

Ted starts Parents Day Out in January, so he'll get his 'first day' pic then...but for now I give you Patrick - 3rd grade, Rosie - 1st grade, Annie - PreK (last year!). 

How on earth did they grow up so fast?!??! I cannot believe they are SO OLD and in less than a year now the big 3 will all be in elementary school. HOW HOW HOW did that happen?!?!? I need to stop blinking! 

There are so many big milestones happening this year (walking home from school solo!) that I'm sure I'll be sharing about as the year goes on.  But for now, happy new school year and fingers and toes crossed everyone stays healthy and IN SCHOOL IN PERSON!

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