Location Scouting!!

Are you sick of me sharing my TikTok videos yet?!


I'll keep doing it forever and ever because they are SO FUN to make and I am just loving them!  Plus, I swear every time I publish one I get 2-3 inquiries for sessions coming into my inbox from finding me on social media so YOLO I'm gonna keep it up.

This past weekend Mike and I took the boys (the girls were living it up at their vacation home at the lake with KiKi!) to a location scout.  There was this 'spot' I had been seeing every time I drove down this road that I wanted to check it.  It literally was on the side of the road (my favorite kind of spot cause it's not a crowded, well-known park!) and I NEEDED to check it out.

So naturally I threw the boys in some cute clothes, grabbed my camera and phone, and off we went!

Naturally I had to make a TikTok to document too...

But yeah, I'm OBSESSED with this location.  It's about 12 minutes from our house (win), hidden gem spot (win), about 5-7 minute walk from where you park (semi-win), and unknown to others (big win).  I think I may have to start offering sessions here at some point soon...

The only downside is I didn't bring a blanket and we got covered with 'nature' so that was fun picking the little burr thingies off of us and such, but obviously if I went back with clients I'd be more aware of that to warn them and keep them away from those areas.

The boys were such great sports and I truly love the way their pics turned out.  Really the perfect little winter location.

And the path leading to this spot was super awesome in the evening almost twilight too, which would make for some cool pics.

All in all, a successful location scouting evening with a few of my favorite dudes!

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