2020 Was Good For A Few Things...

2019 was a pretty awesome year for me -- one of my birth images took the internet by storm and went viral, winning me several birth photo competitions

I truly never thought I'd be able to top this image...especially in the garbage dumpy year 2020 was, especially in regards to birth photography, as I missed more births than I was able to capture.

Welp.  I was so wrong.

Because I've had not one but TWO of my 2020 birth images (ironically from the very same birth center!) blow up and win some awards!

Most recently both of these (the top one taking the top spot!) were named some of the best birth images from Birth Becomes You's 2020 Image Celebration.  Pretty freaking cool, right?!?!

Well today both of them were picked up by HuffPost, and have seemingly blown up even more! 

Seriously.  How awesome is that?!? 

What I love the most about these images is how raw and real they are -- literally seconds after birth -- but my favorite type of shareable birth images because they are PG and everything is censored.   WOOT WOOT! 

What's even cooler is both of these mamas are fellow photogs, so I was so honored they entrusted me to capture their stories.  And now, I love that those stories are going viral -- and that they let me share them with the world!

Not gonna lie, I'll be totally cool if these continue to blow up even more -- cause I just love seeing them every time they pop up :)

Check out the links below for where they're currently featured -- and make sure you check out the other amazing birth photos that won too!  Gosh, I feel so honored to be amongst such an amazingly talented pool of photogs!

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