Four years old.

I cannot believe it.  I swear I was just writing his three year blog post and now, I blinked, and BAM.  My little man, my first born, is now FOUR.  I cannot freaking believe it.

We had his family/friends birthday party this past Sunday and he had an absolute blast.  Like so much fun with his buddies and playing and running around and just being a silly happy carefree 4 year old.

I just realized I never posted a 3.5 year old update for Patrick (oops) -- so I guess those ‘half year’ updates are stopping at 2.5...making a mental note of that for Rosie.  Haha!

Keep with tradition, we did a 4 year old photoshoot with JUST Patrick (well, and a few with Scoots too :) for his birthday and OMG.  What a stud.  What a ham.  My little dude!

He LOVED doing this photoshoot (it was short and sweet, you know, cause he’s got a short attention span!  Haha!) and loved that it was all about him.  I think sometimes with little sisters he gets overshadowed so I love doing things like this with JUST HIM to make him feel special -- like he is!

We have his 4 year checkup next week, so more doctor stats and all of that good stuff coming later with a separate post, but for now, as always, you’re left with mom stats!  Your favorite, aren’t they?!
  • Patrick weighs about 45 pounds and is 42" tall.  He is a big dude!  He wears most 5T and 6 clothes...he's the size of most 5 and 6 year olds!  Big guy, but he always has been so I guess keeping on his growth curve :) 
  • Still has 20 teeth!
  • Has grown up SO MUCH in the past year.  He doesn't nap anymore (but does have 'rest time' where he can watch his iPad while his sisters sleep) and just feels like such a big boy now.  He's been potty trained for over a year (although still wears a pull-up at night) and just feels SO MUCH OLDER than he was a year ago at 3 when I was writing this post!
  • Still a great sleeper; however, since starting school he wakes up earlier in the mornings, usually by 7:30am.  But he's asleep about 10 minutes after his head hits the pillow at night (usually around 8:30pm).
  • Shares a room with Rosie -- she sleeps in her crib and he sleeps in his toddler bed.  They LOVE sharing a room, and we'll see how he does going back into his own room at the end of this year when we move the girls together and give Patrick his own room again.  I think he really likes being in a room with his sister!
  • Still likes Paw Patrol but his current obsession is Mickey and the Roadster Races (and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) and Transformers.  He LOVES these shows AND toys!  He's totally a boy and loves playing with cars and trucks and those types of things.
  • LOVES playing outside and going for walks.  Is super helpful and always asks to take Scooter outside for a walk -- seems to have never-ending energy!  He still loves going to the park but is way more independent there -- able to swing himself and play on all of the equipment.
  • Started 3s preschool at CCLS!  He LOVES it.  He goes 3 days a week from 7:30am - 3:30pm.  He'll start 5 days a week at that same schedule next school year, but being in school this year has been SUCH A HUGE GROWING POINT for him.  He has learned SO MUCH and I could go on and on about the things he's learned, what he can spell (his name!), how high he can count, and so on.  I hope he always has this deep love for school!
  • LOVES his iPad and watching YouTube Kids and Netflix.  He knows how to navigate it better than I do I think!  He's a techie whizz!
  • Is the best big brother.  He looks out for his little sisters SO MUCH and is so protective of them, especially when he and Rosie are playing together.  They do fight and he likes to push her buttons, but most of the time he's sweet and kind and such a good boy.
  • Very much a thumb-sucker still, but only when he has his "monkey pillow" by him.  That is his comfort object and very much his lovey and feels so much better once he has his thumb in his mouth and monkey pillow when he's upset.
So!  That's all I've got for my favorite little dude at 4 years old!  I still cannot believe he is FOUR. Absolutely CRAZY.  I love you so much my big man and cannot imagine life without you!  I cannot wait to watch you grow up and up and continue to mature into the sweetest little man ever.  I love you so!

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