My Pumpie

Okie dokie folks, it's no secret 'round these parts that whenever a kid comes I am a slave to them for 12+ months in the forms of breastfeeding and pumping.  Being on my third kiddo I'd consider myself well-versed in this area and a seasoned pumper.  I am ALWAYS looking for a good product to make my life easier.

This is me at school washing my pump parts.  And I'm sure the students LOOOOOVE walking into their bathroom seeing me do this.

But it's not just at school -- I hate washing parts at home too.  It's tedious and time consuming and I never feel like I'm getting them "super" clean.  I am also guilty of leaving them soaking in the basin and "leaving" and shoot, darn it, I forgot to clean them and then Mike does it for me :) Hehehe.

However!  One of my good buddies sent me this link to this cool little dishwasher bag called My Pumpie.  Basically it's a mesh-like baggie that you can toss your pump parts in (even those teeny tiny membranes!) and run it through the dishwasher!

I went ahead and ordered the 1N1, it came (hellllllooooo super fast shipping!), and decided to give it a test run.

I do like how there are different color options.  This green and coral one was super cute so I went with that one.  I have used the plastic containers similar to this before but they were a hassle to load and never dried (or heck, even get clean!  I feel like the giant plastic-ness of the container may have prevented the parts from actually getting super cleaned.) this My Pumpie bag was a welcomed treat!

My Spectra parts fit perfectly in there -- since the flange and connector are together as one (unlike the Medela parts where those pieces are separate) they're a bit bigger but no big deal, they fit perfectly as did the membranes!  I always worry about the membranes getting lose in the dishwasher and melting or getting lodged in the water line, but alas, fear not anymore with this My Pumpie!  There's no way those little membranes are going anywhere and that makes me super happy.

After running these parts through the dishwasher they were clean, all together (aka no MIA membranes), and easy to unload!  No hassling with a plastic container thingy with several different compartments.

I just put My Pumpie on the top rack of the dishwasher and that was it.  Super easy.  And it took up wayyyyyy less room than the plastic boxy thing that we used prior.

My Pumpie also works for bottle nipples and parts too, so yay for that and not having any nipples go rogue during the intense dishwashing cycle.

Anyways, I really love this bag and totally recommend getting one for any of my pumping mama friends (or heck, anyone with a baby -- it's so awesome for bottles too!!) to make cleaning all of those pesky parts SOOOOOO much easier.

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