The Twins

I am obviously giddy with excitement to snap ANY newborn's pictures, BUT when it's twins and MY twin nephews I am OVER THE MOON!

Anyways, I got to snap my new little nephews' newborn pics last night and OMG.  I want to steal them -- they are so cute!  And sooooo teeny tiny compared to my heifer Annie!  I cannot wait to get a pic of all of the littlest cousins OH SO SOON (like maybe this weekend at our Mother's Day dinner?!!) to compare how big she is (and she's not even 3 months older than them!).  I'm sure these guys will catch up soon cause they sure like to eat.

I last took their pics almost 3 weeks ago for their 'fresh 48' session the day they were born (April 20th) and now I got back to do their newborns now that they were all settled in!  OMG were they so good for their pics as was big sister Lizzy!  Yes, there were some tears (and some bribery) but all in all I think we got some great snaps of the new Mooney fam bam!

Here's a few of my favorites from their can see all of them here if you'd so like to.

I cannot wait to watch these boys grow up and am so excited that all of the Mooney cousins are so close in age to each other!  They are going to be best friends, I just know it!

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