Mother's Day 2017

I thought I'd first start this post off with linking each kiddos' birth story...cause they indeed are the reason why I'm celebrating this day!  I mean, I am SOOOOO beyond thankful for my own mother and mother-in-law -- I don't know where I'd be without either of them!  But I'm a mom because of these 3 and couldn't be happier or prouder of it.  Click the links below my first pics with them above if you'd like to re-read their entries into this world.

Oh what a fun Mother's Day we had 'round these parts!  I kinda touched on this in my last post, but I thought I'd go more in depth for you (your lucky day!) to recap the fun little Mother's Day Sunday we had.

Mike got off work around 7am and got the kiddos up without me knowing and they made me pancakes and bacon for breakfast!  It was so awesome (and I shockingly didn't take any pictures of it.  Oops!) -- the kiddos even had their chef hats and aprons on and it was the cutest thing EVER to wake up to.

This was the best snap of all 4 of them I could get on Mother's Day!  Haha!  Rosie, who typically is the one not looking was the only one looking in this pic.  I was dying.  Still an awesome pic of them.

Mike then went to bed and I got Annie up and fed, got the big kids dressed, and we headed off to visit Goose at the Pond and to drop off some chocolates.

The kids loved seeing her (really, despite Annie screaming!) and we stayed for a bit and played in her room before waving our white flag and heading off to one more place before we hit up the park, as was my promise to them if they were good at the Pond and my school.

We ran by my school for a few minutes so I could drop some stuff off AND use the fast wifi (like 600 times faster than our home wifi, not even kidding.) to finish uploading my mini-session pics.  They were really good at school (I got out my Chromebook and turned on Peppa Pig and they were perfect little angels for the 20 minutes we were there watching that (Annie was snoozing)).

Once we left school we hit up a new park that we'd only been to a time or two before and the kids had a BLAST.  There were 3 other kids there a smidgen older than Patrick and he had a blast playing tag and hide-and-seek with them.  Rosie followed along like a little puppy and she had a blast too.

We then went home for lunch (Lion's Choice! My fave!) and naps before heading out to our big pizza dinner at the Mooneys tonight.

One of the things Kathy wanted for Mother's Day was a picture with all of her grandkids...and that's exactly what she got!

OH!  And guess what?!! There's a SEVENTH Mooney (or Sydnor) grandkid a'comin' in early November!  Mike's sister Erin and her hubby Curtis are expecting their first!  AHHHHHH!  I am so excited to finally share this news (and next Sunday they'll find out the gender at the reveal party) and that there'll be another Mooney cousin oh-so-soon!  7 grandkids 4 and under...and 4 of them born in 2017 within 10 minutes! SO EXCITING!

I'm so glad I brought my big camera for some Mother's Day snaps...cause what a gorgeous day we had!

I tried to get more pics of just Rosie but shockingly and soooo unlike her she was being the most cooperative for once (WHAT???!!) so I took advantage.  Ha!

After dinner we decided to get a few snaps with the grandkids and oh boy, it didn't disappoint!

I mean, how cute are these?!! My favorites are the ones with all of the Mooney grandkids + #7 cookin' in Erin's belly coming this fall, and then I loooove the ones of my mom with the kiddos!

I jumped in for a few too; I love the one of my mama and me with the kiddos!  She's taught me everything I know about being a mom and if I grow up to be half the mom she is I'll be doing okay :)

I did take a few snaps of some of the other family members in attendance -- so glad Goose and Kate came by too for dinner!  It was such an absolutely perfect night -- we ate outside on tables and enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous weather.  Who knows how many of these nights we'll have again so it was nice to take advantage, especially on Mother's Day!

Once we got home the kiddos all had baths and all promptly passed out ASAP (as I'm about to do as soon as I've wrapped up this post!).  It really was a great Mother's Day and I look forward to what 2018 will bring!  I love being a mom more than anything and today was a great reminder of that :) Have a great week friends!!

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