Pooches in the Ballpark 2017

Today marked year FOUR of being invited to Purina's Pooches in the Ballpark at the Cardinals game!  (check out the past Pooches posts - 20162015, and 2014 if you're so interested!)

This year we had a busy day planned, so I just took Patrick and Scoots and Mike and the girls went to Danny’s graduation dinner...which we were sad to miss, but couldn’t pass up our yearly Pooches in the Ballpark trip!

Patrick was SO EXCITED to go to the game -- especially with his GoPro and taking Scooter too.  He was giddy with excitement all week once I told him he’d be the one going and it was so cute seeing him beaming when we pulled up to park and walk to the stadium.

I should add that Patrick was AMAZING our entire time there -- he listened to everything I said, never whined, and was just a great kid to bring to the game!  I think he liked having the solo one-on-one time too, which Mike and I are trying to do more of with each of the kids (like next weekend he gets to go to Paw Patrol live!).  Anyways, he was a gem and it totally makes me want to take him again soon!

We parked at the Crime Lab and had to walk a few blocks to the stadium, and both Patrick and Scoots had their GoPros on and it was so cute hearing everyone oooooh and ahhhhh at them with their matching techie attire.

Once we picked up our tickets and got checked in, we had to wait a bit until the gates opened for us to do the parade around the field.  Patrick was so good waiting and just chatted it up with the people around us telling them all about his dog Scooter and how much he loves him.

Once we got inside we had to line up for 15 minutes or so before the parade started.  Patrick, again, was so good with all of the waiting!  I snapped a few pics and such and then we got to head out around the field!  This was Patrick’s favorite part (and mine too!).  Patrick got to walk Scoots around the field and it was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

We always have to kinda hustle around the field because they don’t like you stopping, so I didn’t get great pics but I think we got some decent ones :)

Scooter got some great snaps on his GoPro though!  I should have had it set to take pics every 3 or 5 seconds instead of 10, but oh well, still some fun snaps!

After the parade we headed to our seats and I snapped a few pics of the boys at our seats (and a selfie of all of us!) before we decided to go get some dinner...which Scooter enjoyed a hotdog (or two!) as well too.

Patrick woofed down 2 hot dogs, nachos, and a few cookies!  He also drank 2 whole glasses of pink lemonade as well!  Scooter then passed out and laid on the ground...I think he was way tired.

In the second inning Patrick said he had to go potty so we grabbed everything and headed to the bathroom.  After he went he said he was tired and asked if we could go home, which I was okay with since we’d been there at 3.5+ hours thus far andddddd the radar looked like rain!  So we bid the stadium adieu and headed out!  Patrick was kind of dragging as we walked to our car -- dude was tired!  He fell asleep almost instantly once we got in the car, and then after a quick bath it took him maybe 3 minutes to fall asleep in his bed!  The girls and Mike got home right around when we did and they had a blast at Danny’s graduation dinner so it was fun to catch up with them too for a bit before I whipped up this post for you (you’re welcome) and am now heading to bed cause I.am.tired.

All in all it was another wonderful day at the Cardinals game for Pooches in the Ballpark!  A big thanks to our buddies at Purina for sending us again -- Scooter LOVES it so much as do we!  One of the highlights of our year!

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