Ahhhh, what a weekend!  And the fun hasn’t ended...more on that in a bit.  After my first full week back at school I thought it was a good idea to schedule my first round of mini-sessions for that Saturday.  Oops.  But actually it went wonderfully -- all 12 of them! -- and we had absolutely gorgeous weather so it was a great day!

I am oh so sore today, but not nearly as exhausted or anything as when I did fall minis pregnant.  Haha!  But it was a super fun day, got to meet a lot of new people to snap, and I double-dutied it with both of my cameras so I didn’t have to keep switching out my lenses!  Yay for more than one full frame! There’s oodles more mini-session pics over on my Facebook page if you’re so interested :)

I have about 1200 ounces in my freezer and I am donating 1000 of that sometime this week to a few mamas...it keeps piling up (even faster than with Rosie!) so I’m glad I have people to take it from me!

We went swimming after school/work a few times last week and the kids had such a blast -- especially Patrick going down the slide a bajillion times.  I can’t believe the outdoor pool is going to open in a couple weeks -- oh what a fun summer we’ll have in the water!  I cannot wait!

I can’t believe Patrick only has 2 weeks left of school -- this year has FLOWN by.  He’ll officially be in 4s (pre-k) preschool next year and I swear I blinked and JUST HAD HIM.  I’m still in disbelief I have a four year old!  He’s such a cool guy and he is the happiest, silliest, friendliest little dude you’ll ever meet.  I love watching him grow up.

We hit up our favorite MOD pizza last week and got ice cream at the Custard Station for the first time of the season and it was wonderful!  Annie was like WHAT IS THATTTT?!! to Mike's BBQ pizza and then Rosie was jazzed to get her very first cone that I didn't make her share with me (or someone else).  I cannot wait for oodles more of these nights in the summer months to come!!

Just a random snap of Scooter looking fancy dancy is all.  He's wearing Rosie's wooly ball necklace from Hooray Everyday and some bow clips from our fave June & January.

Speaking of Scooter, watching this ^^^ and try not to laugh.  I found him like that.  I'm not sure how he got like that but I was dying.  He was really into watching "Living St. Louis" on TV that night apparently.  Haha.

Today is Mother's Day (and I'm going to have a whole 'nother post later for ya about that!) but I'm feeling extra thankful that these kiddos are mine and call me mama.  So happy and blessed today and everyday by them, even the difficult and insane and chaotic days.

But instances like this ^^^ make me forget all of the crazy and chaotic and just melt into a happy pile of mommy mush.

I'll wrap up this post with this cute pic of Rosie snoozing and she clearly used a cloth wipe to cover Mickey up (HAHAHAHA!) and leave you hanging for my Mother's Day post later today (or heck, probably tomorrow!).  Every.single.person. is napping in my house now and then once they get up we're heading to the Mooneys for a pizza party and some photos!  I can't wait!  I have my last regular FULL WEEK of work this week then finals/half days set in before summer starts.  Ahhhh, summer, I can almost taste you...you are so close!

Have a good one friends

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