Patrick's Last Day of Preschool

I SWEAR I was just typing up this post about his first day of school and BAM.  2016-2017 school year is wrapped up for my favorite little guy.  I seriously cannot believe it.  This year has FLOWN by.

This kid has grown SO BIG and learned SO MUCH this year I cannot believe it.  I said in his first day post about how shy and apprehensive he was going into school and he couldn't be more of the complete opposite now -- he RUNS into school, cannot wait to see his teachers and friends, and frantically waves bye-bye to me so he can get to playing.  9 months of drastic difference for this guy!

He has learned a ton this year too -- I mean, I don't want to bore you with alllll the details, but this kid has a rock solid memory, asks questions about nearly EVERYTHING (and why it's that way or why we're doing something), knows his colors, shapes, numbers, most letters, can spell his name, getting better and writing and drawing, loves to read books and color, and SO MUCH MORE.  He is a ball of energy 99% of the day and the happiest and sweetest kid you'll ever meet.  He gets so excited for things and sometimes flies off the handle with excitement over doing them!

He has totally excelled in 3s preschool this year and I cannot believe he's just got one year left of 4s preschool before kindergarten!  He truly is growing up crazy fast and I can't handle it.

Patrick will be at a new school next year (well, same school just a different campus!) so he and Rosie could go to the same place (she'll be in the 2s class).  He's excited for another year and didn't seem too upset that he'll be at a different campus!  He actually will be doing vacation bible school at his new school this summer so he'll get a sneak peek of what next year will be like.

Ahhhh, Patrick, I love you so much buddy!  This year flew by indeed but I sure have loved watching you grow up and learn so many new things!  You're my favorite little guy and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you!

Before I wrap up this post here's a few first day vs. last day of school snaps for you.  Cannot wait to see what he looks like for his FIRST day pic in a few short months in August!

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