A Rainy Week

Ahhhhh, sweet sweet maternity leave...I just have loved you so much and am SOOOO going to miss you come Monday.  BUT!  3.5 weeks of work and I’ll get summer break to savor until I start crying come August about having to really go back to work.  I have been trying to savor each and every day as best as I can.

I have loved getting to spend these 14 weeks with my babies, but also have tried to be productive during my days off work too.  Wednesday this week I went on a cleaning spree during nap time and got the fridge, pantry, kids’ clothes, and toys cleaned out!  I threw away TWO BIG TRASHBAGS of expired food/sauces/etc from the fridge/freezer and pantry, and put away all of the kids too small winter clothes and made sure all of the stuff in their drawers were in the current season and sizes.  I got a ton of toys purged as well so the toy area is nice and clean now.

After my cleaning spree it dawned on me that birthday/holiday season is OVER until 2018! WOOT!  From March until May it is BUSY with family birthdays and Easter, so it’s nice to be able to breathe a bit until next year rolls around.  I mean, it’s been fun but exhausting.  I’m so glad Annie is a good 2 months before birthday season rolls in -- gives us a nice little break with her birthday before everyone else’s roll around.

Mike snapped this pic of me earlier this week (or was it last week?! I can’t remember!) and I love it so!  Totally accurate representation of our normal lives -- Patrick happy as can be, Rosie out of control, and Annie like WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO?!  And Scooter, loyal Scooter, just chillin’ as always.

Here’s a few comparison snaps of Patrick snoozing 4 years ago and now...and then Rosie at 3 months snoozin’ and Annie at 3 months.  I just love seeing side-by-sides of my kiddos (either of themselves or next to their sibling(s)) and it makes my heart smile that they are mine!  And also a bit sad to see how much (and fast!!) they've grown up!  Time is such a thief lately.

Last weekend we went to a wedding and had our first kid-free night out in 3+ months and it was wonderful!  We had a blast and the kids all spent the night at the Mooneys and did AMAZING!  Annie slept through the night and albeit reluctantly took a bottle.  So yay!  We can leave the kids to go out!  I'm sure our next adventure won't be until our anniversary in another month.  Haha!

My mother's day gift from Mike and the kids came early and duh, I couldn't wait to use it!  I got a new camera bag from The House of Flynn and OMG I love it so!  The color is gorgeous and it fits all of my gear so nicely!  I cannot wait to use it this weekend at the FIVE photoshoots I have lined up!

Little Picassos as NeeNee's earlier this week.  Rosie looks a lot older than she should and Patrick is obsessed with stickers.  Ha!

On Wednesdays Annie and I have been solo since Patrick is at school and Rosie is with my mom, so yesterday, despite the rain, we ventured to Target (YOLOOOOO) and then Annie looked awfully greedy gripping her toy and WIDEEE awake for nap time.  Ha!  I have loved my one-on-one days with just her these past 14 weeks and I hope to have some this summer too when the kids are with Mike or other family.  And, duh, I hope to have some one-on-one time with the other kiddos too this summer cause I think that's SO IMPORTANT to do -- give all of them some solo mama lovin'!

This morning, you know, since it was raining, we stayed in our jammies till lunch and I tossed Scoots in some of Annie's and snapped a few pics and OMG.  Doesn't Scooter look like he's saying he's going to kill me?!  If he could I'm sure he would.  He's such a patient dog, I owe him so much for all he puts up with!

Our friend Ann took Lizzy today to help Katie out so when she went to pick up her daughter Emma from school Lizzy was with her and she snapped a pic of Patrick and Lizzy and sent it to Katie and I and I love it so!  What great cuzzy buddies!  Ro and Annie and I hit up MOD for lunch with my mom and Robyn and Sheldon and it was a blast -- I'm soooo going to miss this sporadic lunch dates come Monday!

ALL BOY.  I have no clue how he scratched his eye (other than his response of, "In the basement..." when I asked him) and I have a feeling this is going to be the first of many battle wounds to come as crazier and wilder as he gets!  I love it so!

Lastly I'll leave you with some of these adorable donut snaps I took of Annie and Scoots today before nap time.  Gosh I love this little smiley meatball so much!

That's all I've got for today...hope you all have a great day and are staying dry!  Warmer and dry weather: I'm here waiting for you!

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