Annie at 4 Months

I seriously cannot believe I'm typing this, but Annie girl is four whole months old today!

Annie is definitely out petite little thing...not too much bigger than she was at 3 months which is completely new territory for us seeing as Patrick and Rosie both grew exponentially fast and blew through clothing faster than I could buy bigger sizes!

Annie turned 17 weeks old yesterday and because of that my nice and neat 4x4 square collage got screwed up so I had to toss those 17 snaps into Photoshop to have it make a handy dandy collage for me.  I'm pretty proud I haven't missed a day yet or been late and my #52weeksofJandJ game is going strong.

We go back on Friday for Annie's 4 month checkup at the doc (where I know she'll tell us we can start food, and nope, girlfriend here is on the same timetable as Rosie and we won't be doing anything before 6 months...cause no way is she ready!) so until then you get my mom stats!  Lucky you!

  • Annie continues to be our little peanut and I kind of love it.  We are getting SO MUCH USE out of clothes that Rosie blew through and wore maybe once (even at all!).  Annie weighs 14lbs 14oz and I'm guessing is maybe 24 or 25 inches long.  She only gained 8 ounces since 3 months! WHAT!!  
  • Girlfriend still wears 0-6 June & January clothes (depending on what it is some are a bit snug but still fit!) -- she's got a few 6-12 size and they fit but definitely are "big" and hopefully will fit better by the end of the summer.  In other brands she's in 3-6 month or 6 month size which pretty much is where a 4 month old should be!
  • Still an AMAZING sleeper.  Sleeps 12-14 hours a night...usually 13.5 to 14. It's AMAZING.  Goes down about 7:30 or 8pm and sleeps until anywhere between 8 - 9:30am the next morning.  I hope it keeps up forever and ever!
  • We recently started her on cloth at night -- since she is sleeping such long stretches at night she was frequently leaking out of the disposable she wore at we've given fitted cloth diapers (that Rosie used) + cover a go at night and thus far it's gone great!  WOOT! 
  • Takes one nap a day -- since she sleeps in so late she's usually up for a good 3 hours before she needs to eat again and then passes out.  She usually eats around 12:30-1pm and then takes a 3-4 hour nap.  She definitely thrives on a schedule and routine and doesn't like it when we push or change it.
  • Has really started intentionally smiling a lot more this month and even some giggles!  It is the cutest thing EVER.  Her siblings can get her smiling and it's just adorable and makes my heart happy!  She has amazing resting bitch face though and isn't too generous with her smiles (yet?!! hopefully she will be soon!) but her stern game faces crack me up too.
  • Hasn't rolled over yet but if she's on her back she can get herself allllll the way onto her side.  I bet she'll roll back to front before front to back!  As much as she loved being on her tummy when she was first born she doesn't like it as much now and tummy time is a struggle and she hates it.  
  • Holds her head up SO well.  We got her this Sit-Me-Up floor seat (which is SO MUCH BETTER than the Bumbo) and she loves sitting in it and this has totally helped her head and neck control too!
  • Still a thumb sucker -- usually only when she's tired and about to fall asleep.  Definitely has figured out how to self-soothe herself and 
  • Is much better this month about not being held 24/7 and content sitting by herself.  Has found her hands and loves flailing those about and grabbing for things.  Really likes her rattle thingies that came on her floor seat.  Does have some serious FOMO when she's left TOO LONG by herself and starts to get fussy and immediately stops once she's picked up.  She likes to be where the action is and I honestly can't blame her for that.
  • I went back to work earlier this month (and then I'm done again until August after meetings tomorrow. WOOT!) and she magically started taking a bottle NO PROBLEMA from Mike while I'm gone.  She usually takes 8 ounces when she does take a bottle and woofs it down.  She prefers the Tommee Tippee bottles so that's what we've been using (instead of the hundreds of Dr. Brown's bottles we used with the other two. EYEROLL.). So that's been super nice that she's been taking a bottle easily when I'm at work.  Still prefers the boob when I'm home though.
  • Likes to be worn in the sling or Tula and is happy and content as can be in there!  Fits in the Tula pretty well sans infant insert so yay for that and not having to carry that around too.  Next kid I may have to get one of these so we don't have to hassle with the infant insert at all.
  • Is just such a happy little lady!  Most definitely the third kid because she is so chill and laid back, but is just an amazing girl and such a perfect addition to our family!
Weren't those riveting?!  So many of them were so similar to Rosie at 4 months old.  Crazy.

Here's my favorite part of these monthly posts...comparison snaps!

Andddddd your (my!) favorite, all 3 burritos at 4 months old!  Oh my oh my how they couldn't look any more different, could they?!!

Welp friends, that's all I've got for Miss Annie's 4 month post!  She's officially 1/3rd of the way to ONE!  I cannot believe that.  Time truly is FLYING by.  Until 5 months folks!

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