Hap-Hap-{Snap} HAPPY!

I love taking pictures. DUH.  However, lately I wake up every.single.day. (not kidding!) with an itch to get my camera out, even for a second, and SNAP SNAP SNAP away.  If I don’t have a photo shoot scheduled that day I summons my flock and they usually are super cooperative for any pics I want to take of them.  I think I am officially addicted to taking pictures.  I mean, there’s much worse things I could be addicted too, right?!  So I think this is an okay addiction to have :)

Patrick went to KiKi’s Lake this weekend (which he is having a blast at -- Mustang rides, swimming at the pool, picnics outside, and so much more!) so it was just the girls and I (well, Mike too but he was working all weekend so snoozing during the day).  I had this shoot on Sunday morning which of course satisfied my snappin’ itch for a second.  However, after naps we were heading to the Mooneys for a BBQ for Brian’s birthday and I got asked if I could snap a few pics of my brother-in-law Danny who graduated law school last weekend.

Well, duhhhhhh, if I have my camera out I’m going to snap some other pics too!  Rosie was about as cooperative as she usually is for pics, but I think we got some really great ones.  I’ve been obsessed with these Tribe Archipelago (http://tribearchipelago.com/) presets and have been editing a lot of my sessions lately with them.  I love the dark moody feel they give and that I can really bring out the colors, especially during that golden hour favorite of mine.

We then headed inside for dinner...and I scarfed down my food so I could go sit with the babies in the living room!  Annie was getting a bit fussy…

So I picked her up and fed her a bit, then decided to sit her back down again on the playmat and brought Joey and Jason over to join too!

I mean, how freaking cute are they?!  They all were happy as could be and nice and content snuggled together on the floor and it was just adorable.

Which then this morning ^^^ this pic popped up on my Timehop from 3 years ago when Patrick was 1 and Lizzy was just a few months old and they were laying on that same playmat at Grandma and Papa’s house!  I’m sure it’s going to get lots and lots of use in the years to come.

Once we got home the sun was literally ABSOLUTELY PERFECT so before we went inside for baths I grabbed Rosie and Scoots and we took a few pics in our neighbor’s yard and by the path.

Rosie demanded to have on her sunnies and necklace she made last week at NeeNee’s which I totally think compliments her personality and pure sass she has (and you can totally see in these pics).

Scooter was oh-so-cooperative, as always, for his snaps, and that sun really makes his reddish brown fur just shine.  I should have tossed Rosie’s sunnies on him for a few pics...oh well, next time :)

Anyways, speaking of Scoots...he really wins an award for most cooperative dog.  I think he really likes Annie and being close to her, because he's always trying to lick attack her when she's sitting in her seat.

I mean, how cute are they?!  And Scooter has really liked sitting upright lately (probably because he was a human in a former life) and I snapped this video of them on Sunday watching the Cardinals' game...

I.was.dying.  Both of them were just sitting there chillin' like no big deal, we're just watching the game.  I couldn't stop laughing.

Anyways, I'll wrap up this post with a few adorable snaps of Annie (look at her sleepy cheeks!! gahhhh!!) and cannot handle the fact that she'll be FOUR MONTHS OLD on Wednesday.  I seriously cannot believe that.  It's going wayyyyy too fast!  Anyways, I hope everyone had a great weekend -- I have 2 days of meetings this week then I'm DONE for summer! I cannot wait!  Have a good one friends!

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