A Snappy Weekend

This weekend has been jam-packed full of SO MANY photoshoots -- I had the Stobies on Friday, the Felling Family and Liv’s 9 month session on Saturday, and then the Chancellors and Beckmanns today!  Actually I haven’t had the Beckmann’s yet but I’m leaving here in a bit to go snap theirs...BUSY!

Can we take a second and giggle at ^^^ this pic?!  Sarah's hair looks like she stuck her finger in an electric outlet, and what's so funny is no one else's hair is going crazy, just hers!  I laughed wayyyyy too hard at this pic when I was culling and editing.  Definitely needed to be shared here for another laugh :)

Patrick went to the lake this weekend -- he was so excited because he hadn’t been in a while AND he got to go to the John Deere store and pick out his birthday present!  He got this cool riding tractor and I know he’s going to have so much fun playing on it at KiKi’s lake all summer long!

He also got to go fishing for the first time too and that didn’t disappoint: he caught his first fish EVER!  How cool is that?!  And his booster seat thing allowed him to go for a ride in KiKi’s 1966 Mustang nice and safely too, so he absolutely loved doing that as well!  He had such a blast down there -- I know he’s probably already itchin’ to go back soon!

So Rosie is talking up a storm, which really isn't new, but you can actually understand her a lot more the more she is talking!  I caught this on video the other night and it is cracking me up -- yes, she was telling me she farted!  And she really did too (TMI?! sorry.)...oh this girl is gonna keep us on our toes!

Speaking of Rosie, girlfriend really likes to accessorize lately -- she's allll about her wooly ball necklace and bows, and lately has to have sunnies with her too.

Which obviously I like to emoji draw her as well in my Instagram stories :) Hehehe!

After the crazy amount of rain we got last week it was soooo nice at the end of this past week to get out and get to the playground!  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous the past couple days (hoping it stays that way for my minis next weekend!) so we've been trying to get out as much as possible!  I'm savoring every park trip, however short, because I go back to work this week (just for 3.5 weeks but still, totally dreading it) and I won't get these midday park trips anymore for a month or so, then it may be too hot to go then! Ugh.

I had my camera out the other day and Annie was playing on her playmat then promptly passed out, which is hilarious and I remember Patrick doing that exact same thing on this same playmat 4 (WHATTTT!!!) years ago.  So sweet.

Mike brought donuts home on Friday morning (delayed treat for Patrick's birthday) and I laughed too hard at this video of Rosie and Patrick picking out which ones they wanted.  They are so darn cute I could just eat them up like those donuts! Haha!

This happy little chick is still just a joy to have in our family -- SOOOO easy going and so happy all of the time!  And she's still a rockstar sleeper, going 12-13 hours at night and one 3-4 hour nap a day.  Gosh she is just the best.

I go back to work tomorrow (well, I have to photograph the golf tournament tomorrow but then back to actual school on Tuesday) and even though I only have 3.5 weeks left I really am dreading it.  Having these 14 weeks off with my babies has been the absolute best, so it's gonna be hard to give that up (even for a couple weeks!) to go back.  But I am going to power and muscle through and try and enjoy being back at work AND the adult time :) I'm sure come August when Annie is 6 months old is going to be even harder to go back, but I've done this a couple times before and I know how much (and how hard) it is at first but does get better.  Fingers crossed it goes smoothly (and Annie takes a bottle just fine!) this go'round too.

Welp, that's about all I've got for this quick little snappy weekend update!  I'm off to my final photoshoot of the weekend before officially starting a "work week" for the first time in 3+ months tomorrow.  Have a great week friends!

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