15 weeks.

Ahhh, 15 weeks!  Seriously, this is FLYINGGGGGG by.  I cannot believe we're at week 15 and next week I'm back for my last appointment before the halfway point ultrasound and I just cannot freaking believe it.  And it's still boggling my mind that it's September too.  Gosh, time flies.

So my board ^^^ I told Patrick yesterday that I was 15 weeks tomorrow and he said, "Fifty weeks?!" and I said, "No no, just FIFTEEN.  Why? Do I look fifty weeks pregnant?!" and he said, "OHHHH YEAHHHH.  You have a big tummy mommy."  I'd normally go all ragey on that kind of comment but since it's from my sweet little innocent 5 year old I'll let it slide. HAHA!

Nothing really exciting to report other than feeling really good, albeit tired (normal jam!), and I *think* maybe possibly I have felt a few flutters?!?!  Who knows.  I know this baby is up higher than last week because when I've found him/her on my doppler it's further up my belly...but that's my only guess.  I'm just assuming I have an anterior placenta again and I won't be able to feel this kid till muchhhhh later.  Ha!  We'll see.

I am feeling large and in charge for 15 weeks...definitely looking way bigger than that but alas, 4th babe does that to you I guess.  The kids are enjoying seeing their sibling grow via my tummy.

Other than that, not much else to report!  I've completely changed my team green prediction fully to GIRL and now we are wavering back and forth on our girl names that I really wasn't even thinking about since I was so sure it was a boy, and now I'm thinking the opposite! HA!  24 more weeks of guessing people, get excited!

Welp, that's about all I have for week 15!  Riveting, isn't it?!?!  I see my OB on Monday and then not again until week 20 (almost 21!) for my ultrasound!  CANNOT WAIT!  Until week 16 friends, adios!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Baby is the size of...Apple
Cravings?Buffalo chicken dip
Overall mood?tired. tired. SO SO SO tired.
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?*maybeeee* a tiny flutter or two?!
Linea Nigra?Nada!

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