Greetings from back on this side of the pond!  That's right...the week has seemingly flown by and our London vacation has come and gone...and we're back stateside.  HOWEVER, it was hands-down the best trip ever!  Here's one of the reasons why:
Yup, that's right, Mike proposed and I said yes!  It was so perfect...we were walking along one night by my favorite spot in London--right next to the River Thames by Big Ben, Parliament, and Westminster Abbey, and poof!  He popped the question!  I was so unbelievably surprised and shocked, but managed to clear my head and say YES!  It really was absolutely perfect!  And now we're engaged!  AHHH! YAY! :)

The rest of our trip was almost as good as that night; we managed to do and see a ton of stuff!  Here are some pics from the rest of our trip and our amazing week we had in London.
The Clink Prison

Waiting for the Tube...

After the proposal...YAY!

My lovely old roommate Grier and I seeing Wicked!

Visiting professor Mike teaching the year 10s about law enforcement in the US

Dinner at the Crispy Chinese restaurant ever!

Big Ben

The London Eye

St. James Park

About to get beheaded at the Clink Prison

Ahhh, my favorite spot! :)

London Bridge outside the Tower of London 

Abbey Road! 

In the WWI trenches at the Imperial War Museum

Parliament and Big Ben...FAVORITE SPOT! 

St. James Park with Big Ben in the background 

Princess Diana Memorial

Princess Diana Memorial with my old roomie

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