Wedding Extravaganzas!

Wow, what an eventful past week! Okay, first off, let me officially post that we switched (& for the last time!! PROMISE!!) our wedding date to Saturday, June 9th, 2012. We are so excited to be settled on a date and not move or change it again!! And we found our reception place too! It's Favazza's Rose of the Hill. We LOVE Italian food and love the Hill, so we thought it would be perfect! Plus Mike and I really wanted a place with St. Louis history, and we definitely get some history being on the Hill!

Tonight my little brother Benny got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Erin! Oh my goodness, it was the cutest proposal and the most beautiful ring!! I'm so happy to be gaining a new sister very soon! Ahhhh! I am just so happy for them!

So stepping aside from our wedding, we got to experience and be a part of Mike's brother Matt's (& his new wife Katie) wedding on Friday, July 1st. It was the most fun I've ever had at a wedding! The wedding ceremony was gorgeous, and the reception was a blast! Everything and everyone was stunning...the wedding party couldn't have looked and prettier. Gorgeous group of guys and gals capped off with a beautiful bride and groom. We have seriously the BEST group of friends anyone could ask for--& they really do make events like this 100 times better. Here are some pics from the night...& I'm sure I'll have more of my own wedding posts soon too...just gotta keep reminding myself that I can't put everything off to the last minute now that we have a date, church, and reception venue :)

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