Childbirth and Technology

Okay this post's title may not have been the my apologies in that regard. But keep reading, cause this post is in fact about childbirth and technology.

First off, I recently came across this article from the Huffington Post about a photographer documenting a c-section and how beautiful (and not scary) it really is.  For someone who desperately tried to have a natural birth and was unsuccessful, therefore resulting in a c-section (and an upcoming repeat c-section with #2), I really loved this article.  It got me really thinking about how technology can really bring out amazing things (if you want them to) in areas that are sometimes very shaded from the public's eye.

I've blogged before about Google Glass and how I've been wanting to use them more often.  Well, I have and I have not lived up to this...however, I think they're going to be put to very good use in less than 5 months.  Since I will be having a scheduled c-section (side note, another good read here about that), and be strapped down on a table not really seeing anything, I really want to be able to look back and see what actually was going on to my body.  Mike was the one who suggested he could wear my Glass during the entire c-section--this way his hands are free, so he can be also snapping pics with my camera as well, but then get a "daddy-s-eye-view" of the actual procedure too!  Okay, I want to point out here that we are not recording this so we can publicly post it--I'll make that call if we do that after this babe's arrival (and, side note, IF I do share it, it will be very very edited and not graphic at all, for all you squeamish peeps out there)--but we are wanting to record it so I can see my child's actual birth since I won't be able to actually see the majority of it during the live event.  Since Mike is the only other person allowed in the operating room, it would be nice to have this birth video to show any family who are wanting to see exactly what the birth of their new niece/nephew/granddaughter/grandson was like.  Regardless of the reason, I absolutely love technology and love the fact that we live in a world today where this type of thing--recording a birth #throughglass--is possible.  Kinda on the same note, I thought about if I was going to do a natural birth this time actually having me wear my Glass and record it from the mom's point of view--something that is probably never shown.  Ahhhhh, but that won't be a'happenin'...but any friends out there who are preggo and want to to borrow them for that experience, hit me up and maybe we could come up with something :)

So, it is no secret that I love technology, and love the tech world we live in that I get to bring my kids up in and hopefully show them all of the meaningful uses for the vast tech empire that we have here in the US.  I hope my #throughglass childbirth plan goes off without a hitch this spring...stay tuned for updates on that and maybe I'll share a PG sneak peak of it afterwards :)

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