Kidless Adventures: Part 1

You guys.  This is amazing: we are on a 9-day trip KIDLESS.  This is something we haven't really EVER done; minus a few night or twos here and there without kiddos...but never THIS long!  This is new territory!

So we left yesterday morning for Seattle, and our cruise to Alaska leaves today at 4pm.  We were going to meet up with our buddy Lauren, who lives in Bremerton, but her kiddo was sick and we didn't want to chance it.  But!  My parents were already here and said they had a suite for a hotel room so we decided to hang and bunk up with them until our cruise boat left!

Kidless.  We were so excited.  But all we seemed to talk about is the kids.  And Scooter.  Haha.  Typical.

Once we landed and picked up our rental car, we were starvingggggggg for lunch so we decided to hit up one of our favorite Seattle eateries, Red Mill Burger.  We're huge Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives fans, and the last time (2010!!!) we were here we ate there and loved off we went!

It was SOOOOOO good.  Mike was in heaven with the big onion rings and juicy burger.  We then headed to meet my parents at the hotel before heading out to show them a few places we remember going from our last trip here.

One of the places was Gas Works Park...and it was super cool!  What a view, huh?!  My parents loved it and then of course I had to do a 2010 vs. 2016 comparison, cause you all know I'm a sucker for those.

Almost the exact same spot!  Pretty cool, huh?!

We then headed to Kerry Park, where our friends Robyn and Joe lived not too far from (and who we stayed with our last venture out here) and the view up there was gorgeous too.  My dad was loving it!

Once again, I had to throw a little comparison pic together since we were back to the same place we had been almost exactly 6 years ago!

I love how you can kinda see Mt. Rainier in the background in both pics.

My parents had dinner plans with a fella my dad use to work with, so Mike and I decided to walk not too far from our hotel to a pizza and pasta joint.  Oh man, good choice -- it was DELISH.

Ahhhh, my favorite kind of beer.  Always.

We then got back to the hotel, showered, and passed out.  We were pooped!

This morning, because we can't stop thinking or talking about them, we FaceTimed with both kids and it was so great to see them.  Patrick is having a blast at KiKi's Lake and Ro looks like she's having fun at the grandparents.

We are getting all our things packed up and ready to leave here shortly to board the cruise ship!  I have my sea bands already on in hopes that sea sickness DOES NOT impact me and have my patches ready if I need to slap them on.  I get motion sick but not with little things so hoping I feel pretty good this trip!  I'm so excited about our adventures (we've never been on a cruise before!!) and that my whole family is going.  This is going to be an exciting week!  We miss the kids dearly BUT are definitely excited for some adult time, cause lord knows when we'll have that again!

Oh, and if you wanna follow along on instagram, check out the #moonpepvacay2's got the 2 after it cause the original was our Florida trip back in November.  I really should have used the hashtag #tripsRayPepinpaysfor instead, but maybe next time :)

Have a great one friends!  I bought 13 hours of internet on the boat so you know I'll be well connected and keeping you updated on our travels!!!

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