#TBT and Other Summery Things

First off, I have to start off with this little gem ^^^ I posted yesterday.  Annie was 20 weeks old yesterday and I just HAD to post a pic of her at 20 weeks wearing a perfect #tbt onesie with her actual 20 week ultrasound pic on it!! If you recall I did this same thing at 19 weeks with Rosie and her 19 week ultrasound snap.  I posted it on social media and people seemed to get a kick out of it...heck, Gugu Guru even posted it on their Instagram!!

And I realized last night that our onyx stripe June & January blanket has been involved in some important pics in Annie's life: our announcement that I was pregnant with her, her arrival announcement, and now this fun #tbt pic!  I'll have to definitely use it for other milestone pics and her 1 year snaps too!!  Stay tuned... ;-)

And yes, our little Annie Banannie is 20 whole weeks old!  She’ll be FIVE months old next Friday and I cannot believe how freaking fast it’s going.  That also means I just have about 5 more weeks of summer (wahhhh!) left before I go back to work August 1st.  Gosh, time really is FLYING by and I cannot believe it!

However, since it is flying by we have been doing a lot of fun things ‘round these parts to keep us busy.  One of them being going to the pool nearly every day!  This is a blast because it’s free (or, well, included in the $$ we dropped for our membership!) and I don’t mind only going for an hour or so and then going home.  Heck, today I went river walking (and Mike sent me that adorable snap of all 3 of them in Annie's crib), came home, packed the fam up, and went back up to the pool for a while before naps!!  Well, Annie took a quick catnap at the pool too :)

I had this session last week and Avery's mom snapped some "behind the scenes" pics and I LOVE when clients do this and send them to me!  Kind of fun to do a "what you see vs. what I see" type comparison, huh?!

Earlier this week my OCD kicked into high gear and I put the matching carseats in the van.  Ever since Mike pointed out that Rosie's carseat didn't match Patrick's it irritated me so I swapped her all black one out and put it in the Accord and took the matching one to Patrick's out of the Accord and into the van!  Ahhh, I feel better now that they're coordinating.  And Ro clearly loves it cause she's taken 2 carseat siestas in it thus far!

My dad's Father's Day gifts finally came: a book of all of his snaps from his T6 Texan flight and a canvas print for his home office of him flying in it!  I think he liked them :) 

And speaking of prints, we got a new print (that I totally stole from my aunt Kate's house!) printed on canvas and hung (and it totally doesn't match our room that it's in but I don't care cause I really love it!) too!  Maybe if I found a gold frame it'd look better.  Oh well!  Until then it's staying there naked and unframed for the time being.

Mike's other Father's Day gift arrived -- Kevin from The Office and his famous chili!  Don't get it?!  Watch this:

HEHEHEHE! I totally got one too so we can be matchies.

Can I just say how amazingly awesome baby Annie is?!  She is the chillest, go-with-the-flow, happiest baby EVER.  I'm sure I've said this about all of my babies but yeah, she's awesome.  Total 3rd child chill and we love her so!  I can't get enough of her cute little smiles and giggles!

Earlier this week our buddies the Polans came with us to the pool for tot time and the kids had a BLAST!  We sure wish they were members and could come with us more often, but it was definitely a treat for them to come this one time and we hope they'll come back again with us before summer's over!

We had Matt, Katie, Lizzy, Joey, and Jason over earlier this week for dinner and I snapped this pic and video of the Mooney babies' parking lot and it cracks me up.  I hope these three (plus Mooney grandkid #7 coming in the fall!) will grow up being best friends.

Patrick and I took Scoots to the vet on Monday and despite a pricey visit for all of his tests, his doc emailed me that everything (bloodwork, stool sample, enzyme levels, EVERYTHING!) looked completely normal and so good for our 12+ year old dog!  He does have some cataracts in his eyes (and is pretty blind in his left eye) but overall looks great for his age and for having diabetes.  So good to hear!

We've been trying to get out and see Goose as much as we can, and earlier this week when Patrick went to a movie with NeeNee we took the girls and I think it made Goose's day!  We love visiting her whenever we can, and I love how much she loves on the kids when they're there!

Lastly, I'll leave you with these photo gems from yesterday I took...the top one took a bit to get most everyone looking and smiling, but the bottom one I like the best because REAL LIFE PEOPLE.  That is our everyday norm it seems and I love every single second of this crazy chaos we call life.

Happy hump day friends!  Have a great one!!!

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