Saturday Adventures

Ahhh, another funsie little Saturday around these parts.

I will say I’ve got another post a’brewing that I haven’t pulled the trigger on posting yet, but it’s just a little anxiety-laced rant as we still sit and wait (not so patiently, I might add) for Clark’s autopsy results that were suppose to come back to us on February 1st (it’s the 9th by the way) yeah, that is still very much at the forefront of my mind as we inch closer and closer to the 26th which would have been his birth day (my scheduled csection date at 39 weeks).

Okay, so that may be coming your way later...maybe not.  But ^^^ there’s a little cliffsnotes version for ya.

The girlies and I had a fun little Saturday ‘round these parts.  Mike worked last night so slept all day, Patrick was at the lake for his buddy’s birthday party, and I had a photo shoot scheduled for the afternoon, so the girls and I just had the morning to ourselves!

Normally I’d have hauled them off to the park or something but HOLY COLD this morning so we elected to do a Target run because for the first time in the history of ever we were out of Tide.  Crazy.

Mike surprised us with donuts first for breakfast and the girls LOVED that.

A sweet little treat indeed!

We then packed up and headed to Target.  And duh, I brought my camera with me!  The girls had their new Swanky Shank shirts on so I wanted to get a few snaps of them living the Target life wearing those.

I mean, I’m so biased but how cute are they?? I AM SO BIASED.

And Annie was killin' it once again with her expression game.

Anyways, after a productive Target trip we headed home for some playtime and lunch and siestas all around.  I think I even dozed off for a half hour or so!

I then got my stuff together and snapped this cutie's 9 month pictures before heading home for dinner and photo editing.

And right now the girls are playing and I'm seriously considering uncorking a bottle of wine cause it's Saturday and YOLO, right?!?!?  It's been a long week.  And I've got two newborns in the morning to snap which I'm looking forward to!

Alrighty friends, that's all I've got for this little Saturday night recap...hope you have a great rest of your weekend!!

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