A Lot of Busy.

Wow.  What a weekend.

And a busy one at that!  My uncle Chuck passed away last week so Friday and Saturday was busy with his wake and funeral, and then couple that with absolutely gorgeous weather, a few photoshoots, and Mike working...it was a jam-packed weekend indeed!

Now, I will first start off with this...

On Saturday night Patrick was running around and playing with Annie's dog toy...

And it was laying on the ground and he jumped over it and landed on his foot funny.  Not on his ankle or anything just the top of his foot, like he came down too hard.  Well, we told him to shake it off (he was super upset and crying) and got him an ice pack.  He hobbled to the dinner table and then about an hour later he was absolutely screaming bloody murder with it with how bad it hurt and when Mike touched it he lost it again.  Just not things he usually does so we decided to take him to urgent care and get it checked out.

Fortunately after about 2 hours in urgent care, some ibuprofen and some x-rays that he was just a sprain and he was totally fine...no break!  Thank goodness.  He limped around the rest of the night and next morning but after some more ibuprofen he was literally RUNNING all over the park and jumping all over the couches at uncle Ben and aunt Erin's house and I think it is feeling all better.

This morning we went to the park to play and also snap a few pics for my brother and sister in law (they're expecting baby girl #2 in July! EEKKKK!!!) and since I brought my camera to snap some pics for them I snuck in some pics of the kiddos too.

Our park time was limited because HOLY WET PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT (I guess it rained last night?!?!) but the kids had fun playing and seeing their cousin!  Annie got emotional over Patrick snatching a stick from her (haha!).  We then went to my brother's new house to see it and play with their pup Brady!

So the kids asked me about a billion times if we could get another dog soon and man, that's such a hard subject lately.  Maybe we will...sometime soon.  Who knows though.  We still are missing our Scoots like crazy!!!  But it was so fun for them to get to play with Brady -- he is such a good, fun dog!

Uncle Ben and Aunt Erin are way nicer than mean mom here and let the kids jump alllllll over their couches!  I mean, they had the best time EVER so clearly I snapped away with their joy that they definitely don't get to do at our house. Haha!

They had a BLAST...and all (minus Patrick) took amazingly awesome 3+ hour naps!  Patrick got to go play with daddy during nap time and got some bike riding in up at his school!

The kids and Mike then went to his parents for the Super Bowl and I went to a meeting with some other local STL photographers.  It was a great little end to our super busy weekend!

Which, backtracking here...started off on Friday after the big kids were home from school for snow/polar vortex days on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Friday morning we decided to take the girls to the pool -- Mike got to work out and I watched them swim which they clearly had a BLAST doing.

It was kinda crowded with swim lesson kiddos but the girls didn't seem to care they just wanted to splash and play!

Later that evening we went to my uncle's wake...which was super sad, but I did appreciate getting to catch up with a lot of family there, so that was nice.

This weekend was definitely emotionally taxing -- uncle Chuck was such a great guy and definitely gone too soon, just 2 days before he was to turn 68.  But I hope he's up there snuggling Clark for us until we can see them both again :) I had lots of time to think this weekend about our own little guy, especially as his due date is only a little over 3 weeks away.  Man, it doesn't get any easier...I miss him just as much today as I did 3 months ago.  He never ever leaves my mind and I'm sure won't.  I just hope Chuck is up there lovin' on him for us!

Okay, happier news: Schnucks has my most favorite adult beverages "mommy's juice" as I told Rosie they were called when she asked to hold them, so I bought out all of the packs they had.  Worth it.  They're so tasty.

Anyways, that's about all I have for our busy little weekend 'round these parts!  We've got a busy week coming up...I've got lots of photoshoots and snappin' to do!  I cannot wait...especially since January and February are usually such lull months for me.  And then we leave for Hawaii in 3 weeks too...so much to look forward to!  Have a great one friends!!

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