Annie & Rosie Start Dance!

Rosie absolutely LOVED dance class last no question she wanted to do it again this year.  Annie asked if she could do it too and I was like okay.  Yes...only if we can time it right so we're not there twice a week at different times...because we are SO BUSY this fall I was trying to coordinate activities for everyone but also optimize my availability for my clients for pics.

Well, but some stroke of luck there was a class for Annie and one for Rosie AT THE SAME TIME and I was like PERFECTOOOOOO!  Let's do it!  Now Annie is a full year younger than Rosie (and heck most of the people in her class!!) was when she started so I was like okay, if this is a disaster we will stop and Annie can try again next year.

We snapped some pics of the girls before we headed out to dance and they both were SOOOOOOO excited to start!  Rosie knew what was going to happen but Annie was just so excited to be in her 'ballerina costume' and get to go to dance class with Rosie this year.

We then headed out and they were SO EXCITED!

When we got there I helped both girls get their shoes on and sent them into their studio rooms.  Where I was sitting I could see Annie and oh my gosh I was beside myself with how well she was doing and following directions and just how cute she was!

When class was over Annie was SO UPSET -- she didn't want to leave!  She wanted to keep going and was so mad we had to wait another week to come back!  Rosie loved class (as I expected) and wanted to know when she could do the special classes like the big girls do. 

So yeah, I think they both had a wonderful first day at dance class and I am so excited for this year and to watch them grow and enjoy doing dance so much!  I never thought I'd have girls let alone girly girls loving dance...but here I am!  And I'm loving it!!

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