The Inaugural Blog.

I think this blog is waaaaay overdue.  I've had some free time on my hands with a few snow days, and decided to start up a blog that I have lovingly named after my beloved furry canine friend...because, let's face it, he IS a major part of my life (I think some of you would debate he runs and has seemingly overtaken my life...).  

I know I Facebook, tweet, and so does Scooter, but I thought this would be a nice way for those of you who don't Facebook or tweet or have hidden my news feed on your Facebook to keep tabs on what's going on in our lives.  And when I say "our," I mean Scootie, Mike, and myself, because, as much as Mike would hate to admit it, our three lives are very much intertwined and connected.  

So, I plan on keeping this blog up and running to keep all of you updated on everything that's happening in Scooter's World.  Here's a sneak-peak of stuff to come: 


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