I did it.

What, you're probably asking, exactly did I do?  Well, I took the plunge...I bought an iPad 2!!!!  Woo hoo!  I am so unbelievably excited to get it!  Unfortunately, since they're in crazy-high demand, all of the stores were sold out of them, so I had to order one from Apple online...and wait 3 weeks before it comes in.  As much as I hate waiting, the anticipation is exciting too--because I've looked ahead to all of these conferences, tech seminars, planning days, and so on this summer and KNOW how huge of a tool and resource my new iPad will be.  Plus, I cannot begin to list all of the possibilities having an iPad 2 at my disposal in my classroom (to be used as a teaching tool) will be...so I'll spare you the detailed list :)  And I'm sure I'll solicit you with yet another iPad blog as soon as that little number comes in and I get to a'playin' with it!  Now the next task is to figure out what case and/or smart cover I want...

Oh, and another thing I want to share with you all reusable resources people: my buddy Lauren told me about the new Camelback water bottle that just came out that has a filter!  In the words of my 7th graders, OMG!  This is so awesome!  First off, I'm addicted to my Camelback water bottle...I have a zillion of them.  And now they come with a filter too?!  Even better!  So I had to dash off to Target last night and pick one up.  LOVE IT!  It was reasonably priced at $24.99, and is a super cute blue and white.  Anyways, check it out!  I love having a portable filter-water station on-the-go!  Hooray!

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