First Trip to the Park!

I know, I know.  This kid of mine is 10 months old and we just now took him to the park for the first time.  Now, to be fair, it's been cold-as-ever this winter, and when it was warmer in the fall, he was still too little to actually do anything at the park.  So, really, when you look at it like that, it doesn't seem as bad, right?  And we still haven't taken him to the Zoo either.  Parents of the year!  But this is my spring break, so we probably will make a 'first trip' to the Zoo later this week too...stay tuned.

Anyways, so there is an awesome little park (okay, it's really a playground at a school, but same difference) about 5 minutes from our house.  As we were leaving after our visit, Mike and I were both like, "We are going to get begged to bring him here all the time."  This park is great--perfect for little kids, lots of activities and playground space, plus a good amount of "woods" and blacktop.  We know that this will be "the spot" to go when it's warm and nice out.  I can't wait until Patrick is walking and running and exploring every inch of this park!

Naturally, since I love pictures so much, I brought my big ol' Canon and snapped some pics of Patrick's first park experience.  He had a blast.  He loved the swing (could not stop laughing! Watch the video here) the most.  We did the slide (both with me and by himself) and he wasn't amused.  No tears, but no smiles either--so we headed back to the swing.  I of course snapped some pics of Scooter enjoying himself at the playground too--cause Scooter likes sharing his experiences via social media as much as I do.

Anywho, check out some of our first park trip pics below!  I had too many to choose from, so here are my favorites.  And I'm sure there will be lots more park trips (and pics!) to follow...and hopefully a first trip to the Zoo too!  Enjoy!

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