Wow.  So much has been happening lately.  Besides my milk tragedy/sippy cup happenings that I blogged about earlier this week, there's been a lot going on in the Mooney household...and cyber-household :)

First off, have you noticed the new domain?!!  Scooter's World is now just!  Woo hoo!  Obviously if you go to you'll still end up here, but I was just excited to finally decide upon a new (okay, just dropped the .blogspot) domain--and it was on sale for only $9 for the whole year!  Too good not to pass up.

And, speaking of domains, Scooter officially has his own domain now too! is Scooter's new home (aside from his many social media outlets).  Scoots has been getting a lot of publicity lately--especially with his Beggin' gig--and I figured I hammer down a domain for him and all of his stuff to be housed.

My amazing brother Charlie also designed some new logos for my photography biz!  So I've given my photography website, Instagram, Facebook, and photog blog a little bit of a new look with these logos.  I just love how they combine the camera, paw print, and my own handwriting font!  Chuck, if you're reading this: you rock!  Thank you so much!! I love them!  And, lately I've been getting a lot of photography gig bookings--everything from families to newborns!  *squeallll!*  This makes me sooooo excited, cause as I've said before, I LOVE taking pictures!  And I love that it's getting warmer out and I'll hopefully be doing a lot more outside photo shoots.

I posted earlier this week too about my obsession with Hohos.  Yes.  I am officially obsessed and can't get enough of them!  Well, Patrick's Easter basket and birthday present Hoho were just posted earlier today by @littlebitfunkyhohos on Instagram, and OMG.  OMG OMG.  I am freaking out--these are so darn cute and turned out better than I could have ever imagined!  Crystal is a wonder woman and master Hoho-er.  Seriously.  If I haven't sold you yet, does these adorable SLMPD and Cardinals Hohos do it for you?!!  AHHHHH!  Worth every single penny.

I am sooooo happy it's getting warmer out.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love winter: live for snow days.  But, when all of that has worn out it's welcome and March starts bringing sunny warm days, I want it to stay warm and nice so we can play outside!  Earlier this week we were graced with a lovely 55 degree afternoon, so I whisked Patrick up, plopped him in his stroller, and we walked the whopping 5 minutes to the park to swing on the swings.  This kid could swing  He loves it!  And his little giggling is so darn cute.  Melts my heart every single time.  I really hope we will be able to make this a regular after school occurrence, because he sure loves it, Scooter loves getting some exercise and sniffing out our new neighborhood, and I love that it's a nice 5 minutes away (as opposed to the 15 minute away park across a super busy street at our old house).  Plus, mama photographer here likes to take her some pictures of her boys enjoying their park time :)

Parents-of-the-year over here noticed today (well, we didn't really notice it...grandma noticed it and then we noticed it!) that Patrick's front left tooth is chipped!  Woops!  I have NO idea how this happened: my guess is that he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, then crawls around with it, and he probably bumped it on something.  It's actually a really little chip (probably why we didn't notice it at first), and since he refuses to let you put your fingers in his mouth to look at his teeth, and since he's got his dad's mouth where you can hardly even see his teeth, we didn't notice it.  The pic above is actually from TWO weeks ago (that once my mom text me asking me about it I went back and found that pic and bam! she was right: it's chipped!), so who knows when he actually did it.  I'd care more if it was more noticeable and/or was not on his baby tooth, but it's not.  So it's just another memory-mark he now has!  And, gosh, I'm just loading us up with things to put us in contention for parents of the year, aren't I?!

No other big milestones for Patrick (like walking!)--he's still cruising around and crawling everywhere (my prediction is that he won't walk till after he's 1...more like 13 or 14 months is my guess...we'll see though!).  However, even though we got the green light at our 9 month doc appointment to start giving him basically what we're eating--that as long as it's mashed up, he can have it, we haven't really done too much of that.  The small percentage of "worry mom" in me is scared he's gonna choke on the piece of whole food I give him.  So, we've been pretty much sticking to the pureed food/pouches he's use to.  However, recently I've gotten more confident (probably with the sippy cup push, and the fact that he's actually chewing things now) and started to give him the food on my plate.  OH MY GOSH.  Why have I not been doing this earlier?  We went to dinner last night with our buddy Lauren at our favorite Chinese buffet and he had one of his food pouches, but the rest of his dinner was what we ate!  He had rice, peaches, sweet potatoes, cherry jello, chocolate pudding, and shrimp!  Minus the peaches (which I think he hated cause they were cold--and he still ate them), he liked everything he ate!  WIN!  I told Mike when we got home that we should maybe just do one food pouch for dinner (cheaperrrrr!!) and then have him eat what we're eating.  We're gonna try going with that...I think it'll be easier for us to just give him what we're eating and save us some money on that oh-so-expensive baby food.

So, I've gotten into the habit of spying, #momspying to be exact as is the hashtag I use on Instagram.  Not that this is a bad habit, but I do it every.single.night.  I can't get enough of watching that cute little boy snoozing away.  It is so darn adorable.  And, of course, since this little boy's life is well-documented, I post my mom spying pics on Instagram so others can enjoy them...and then in a year (or several!) my Timehop app can remind me about how cute he was just a year (or several!) ago.

Well friends, that's about all that's been going on here lately!  I'm sure I'm missing something (or many things...pregnancy brain turns to mommy brain and I've concluded NEVER goes away...great), but I'm sure I'll write another post soon.

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