More Summer Lovin'

Have I mentioned how much I love summer?!!  Okay, I know I have, and I'm sure you think I've killed this topic.  Yeah, I probably have, but oh well, cause we have like 6 more weeks of summer fun around these parts! --so be prepared for oodles more blog posts about how much fun we're having this summer!  (and, side note, I hope Patrick looks back on these posts one day and sees all of the fun he had with him mama and pops when he was 1 year old!)

So we took a quick afternoon trip down to my aunt Kate's lake house yesterday afternoon/evening.  We wanted to go see Goose (Patrick's great grandma), have dinner, and go for a quick swim before we had to head home.

Oh boy, did we have a blast!  First off, I just LOVE my underwater camera! (& some Lightroom editing :)--I feel like I get the coolest pics IN the pool!  Anyways, we had a blast at her lake--albeit very short time-wise--and I wanted to share some pics from our adventures down there!  I'm sure there will be plenty more before the weather turns chilly!  I just love her lake house.  So many awesome memories I have growing up there, and I can't wait for Patrick--and now Mike--to make their own too!  Anyways, before I stray too far down memory's the pics from yesterday!  Enjoy!

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