Oodles of Swimming

It is no secret if you've been following my blog for a while: we love to swim...and my kid loves to swim.  Wayyyyyy back, in what feels like forever ago, in January Patrick got his first big taste of the pool when he started swim school/lessons.  He LOVED it.  So, as soon as summer started, we signed him up for swim lessons at our local pool.

Patrick had his first lesson today.  It was definitely different than what he was use to at his swim school--and what we've been doing in the pool with him when we just take him (i.e. swimming under water, jumping in and going under and coming up on his own, etc...)--it was more of "let's touch the water!" or "let's kick our feet and make bubbles!"  Yeah, he's past that.  Although, he definitely didn't follow the teacher's directions (he is only 13 months old...most of the kids in his class are closer to 2 than 1), I felt like he kept looking at me like, "When are we going to go under the water?!!"  So we kinda did our own thing--which was easy, cause there were like 5 times as many kids in the class than were in his swim school one.  Don't get my wrong--I'm definitely not complaining, it's just different.  Plus, for what we paid for 2 straight weeks of lessons at our local pool is what we paid for one (yes, ONE) lesson at the swim school.  Patrick's buddy Emma is in his class too--which gives him some friend time (and gives me some time to catch up with Emma's mom!).  And, there's tot time in the baby pool for 30 minutes after swim lessons, so we get some extra play time in before we have to leave and go eat lunch and take a nap.  So, we are actually really happy with these swim lessons!

We have also been trying to get to the pool as much as we can--which isn't as easy as it sounds, because the pool doesn't open until noon, Patrick usually naps from 1-4pm, and then we usually have something going on in the evenings when Mike gets home from work.

Well, today we didn't have ANYTHING going on once Mike got home--this is a rarity!  So we took advantage, invited our friends Lisa and Logan in, and we hit up the pool to go late afternoon swimming.  It was awesome.

We had so much fun with Logan and Lisa (we hope they come in again real soon to swim again!) and Patrick just loved swimming all over the pool and then chillin' in the lazy river (mom and dad's favorite part! --these double tubes they have are AH-MAZING: one side has a bottom so the kid just sits there and doesn't fall through!).

Patrick also unleashed this new trick where he would stand on my hands.  Um, impressive, right?!!  This kid has some serious lower-body strength.  Maybe he'll be an Olympic gymnast. 

Anyways, I've over-grammed these pics already (sorry for those who follow me on instagram and have already seen these...my badddd), and probably over-killed explaining our love for swimming and how much we just LOVE summer.  I sure hope it slows down; I can't believe June is already halfway over! (wahhhhh!)

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