RIP Summer

I feel like it was literally just yesterday when I was writing my Hellloooooooo Summer post.  Seriously, how has almost 2 months gone by THIS QUICKLY?!!  I'll tell you how: we were having too much fun.  I really think that saying is true: times flies when you're having fun.  And, if you ask me, this summer absolutely flew by!  But boy, did we have a blast throughout!  It definitely was the best summer ever, and I hope each and every summer from here on out just continue to top the one before it (I think having a kid will do that to you!).

As I sit down to type this post as Patrick snoozes away, I can't help but get a little sentimental and a wittle bit emotional about the conclusion of this summer.  No longer can I sleep in till whenever Patrick decides to wake me up, sporadically decide to spend the morning at the pool and afternoon lounging on the couch watching old Dawson's Creek episodes while Patrick naps, and BBQing in the evening while enjoying the unusually cooler STL summer temps we were graced with most of the summer.  It does make me a little sad that we won't get to indulge in these kind of days any more.  But, even as I just complained to Mike about how sad I am about summer ending, I try and focus on all of the awesome things we did this summer, and how thankful I am that we got to experience these things as a family with our perfect little man Patrick.

I decided I'd do an RIP to summer post with my top ten list (cause I just love lists!) of my favorite 2014 summer happenings.  So, here it goes:

10. Getting to spend one day a week with cousin Lizzy.  This was an awesome part to our summer that I hope Patrick will cherish one day!  It was so great getting to watch Lizzy every Thursday and watching Patrick and her interact, grow, and learn from each other!  I know these two are going to be the bestest of buddies when they get a bit older--I can't wait for that!

9. PHOTO SHOOTS!  I was so blessed and fortunate over at Pics & Paws Photography to have soooooo many photo shoots booked and take place this summer.  This is definitely something I enjoy doing so much and, whether it's my own kid or someone's family, I just absolutely love my photography job.  This unseasonably cool summer was just the weather for so many shoots that I am so happy I got to take so many pics of so many different people!

8. Pooches in the Ballpark was  I think the only thing that could have made it better would have been if Patrick would have joined us.  We really had an absolute blast (as did Scooter!) and we are already looking forward to going next year!

7. The 4th of July was a highlight of our summer.  Yes, Patrick was around last 4th, but he was barely 2 months old, and didn't catch any fireworks or anything (primarily cause he was too little, and Mike had to work).  Well, this year was awesome because Mike was off AND Patrick was old enough to really enjoy the fireworks!  It was such a fun family time that I will remember forever.  I still have the look of complete wonder and amazement on Patrick's face ingrained in my memory.  And Scooter's Beggin' fireworks pics is one of my all-time favorite #BegginPartner pics to date.

6. Our trip up north to visit the Terrys in Michigan.  Gosh, I could go on F.O.R.E.V.E.R. about how much fun we had on this trip and how great it was to get to catch up with my buddy Tiff and watch Patrick and Huck play together and interact!  I'll spare you...(go read my post all about it if you want those details!) but this definitely was a major highlight to our summer!  I hope we can make a regular thing out of these visits!!

5. Kate's Lake.  My Aunt Kate's lake has always been a staple summer favorite, but this summer it was even sweeter and better with our little fish Patrick and his love for his Goose, his Great Aunt, and the pool!  We had so much fun visiting the Lake and doing a LOT of swimming (and eating!).  We can't wait to hit up the indoor community center pool at her Lake when it gets cooler this fall and winter.

4. Playdates!  This summer was FILLED with playdates with sooooo many friends!  I just love how so many of our friends (and family!) have kiddos around the same age as Patrick.  We truly had such a blast this summer with the oodles of day trips, pool dates, playground dates, and everything else we did with our little buddies!  It was awesome.

3. The pool!  Obviously a TON of my posts this summer were all about swimming and how much we loved the pool.  This definitely was a highlight of our summer!  Patrick is definitely a little fish (and I contribute that mostly to doing swim lessons wayyyyy back at the beginning of 2014 to get him use to the water) and loves every part of being at the pool.  I sure hope his love for swimming never fades out!

2. Scooter and Patrick.  These two MELT.MY.HEART.  The love Patrick has developed and shown this summer for his pup gives me goosebumps.  It is so darn cute.  Yes, it's getting harder and harder to capture these moments on camera, since Patrick moves lightning fast, but when I do it is just the cutest thing ever.  I know these two will always be best buddies and I can't wait to see how their love continues to grow.

1. This kid.  Obviously most of the above all involved Patrick, but the #1 reason this summer was ah-mazing was because he was here.  My life has gotten infinitely better with him in it, and each and every day he grows and learns something new I am so proud to call him my son and that he calls me his mama.  I had the time of my life getting to spend almost each and every minute of my summer with him!  I am truly blessed to be in the profession I am in that allows me to still work but also get to dabble in being a "stay at home mom" in the summer.  Patrick, my little man, you made my summer amazing and perfect and incredible.  I look forward to many many more with you--that I know will be even better than this one!

I head back to school tomorrow to officially start my new job with all of my new coworkers and new school family.  I. CANNOT. WAIT.  I truly feel blessed to be in this new position and know it was made for me.  I cannot wait to help teachers with technology in their classrooms and lesson plans, and also still be able to teach a few classes centered solely around technology--my true teaching love.  I am very excited to be at a school that both holds my passion for teaching with technology and my faith.  I am truly a very lucky and blessed gal.  A big thanks to the Big Guy above for making this happen.  This is actually the perfecting ending to summer--and start to a new adventure and school year--that I could have asked for.  I just hope and pray next summer tops this one for this Mooney family!

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