Taking Stock

Taking after my dear friends Tiff and Lauren, I decided to whip up a 'taking stock' post, to give you inquiring minds what's happening a'la Alex Mooney world on this fine Tuesday afternoon.  It's gonna be a doosey.  Not really.  But read on anyways, cause I'm sure you're curious, as you've gotten this far to click on this post.

Making: Mental lists of all of the stuff I need to get done tonight and tomorrow at school.

Nada. But contemplating defrosting the nanners in my freezer and making some delicious 4-ingredient banana bread.  Maybe when I do get the motivation to actually make this I'll whip up a fun little recipe blog post too.

Drinking: {try chugging} water.  SO.INCREDIBLY.HOT. in STL this week.  Ugh.

Reading: Gone With the Wind...and loving it.  Sometimes I wish I grew up during that era, then I remember they didn't have AC, and you had to wear a corset.  Um, no way Jose.

Wanting: Mike to return from his work trip.  Anxiously counting down the minutes until he graces the little man and I with his presence.  It's been a long week...and it's only Tuesday.  Oyyyy.

Looking: At my little guy playing with his toys and feeling so blessed that he's mine and calls me mama.

Playing: Catch-up on some outside-of-work-yet-still-work blog posts that I'm over due on.  My teacher blog and my blog content blogging have been a little lax lately...trying to get back on track with them.

Wishing: I wasn't such a picky eater.  I really wish I had Mike's (or heck, Patrick's for that matter) taste buds and palette and enjoyed seemingly every food item that passed through my mouth, but alas, I don't.

Enjoying: Reading any and all blog posts from my new favorite blogger, Grace over at Camp Patton.  I really want to be BFFs with her.

Loving: My new job.  It's like it was made for me!  I am surrounded by technology all day now and it's amazing; I am loving getting to both teach and help teachers in a fantastic school.  Alex is a happy camper.

Pondering: What we (Patrick and myself) are going to have for dinner the rest of the week a.k.a. where we are going to go out to eat at, cause mama ain't cookin'.

Considering: Maybe possibly doing a wedding shoot for Pics & Paws...MAYBE. 

Watching: 19 Kids and Counting re-runs on the DVR.  Patrick seems to enjoy them as well.

Needing: A ton of new clothes.  My new school has a wittle bit of a different dress code than I've been accustomed to the past several year.

Wearing: A t-shirt and gym shorts.  My school clothes literally get shed the second I walk into the house.

Following: The local news...ALL THE TIME.  Even though Mike's gone I'm still programmed to look at what's happening and make sure he's staying safe.

Noticing: How badly my house needs a good bath.  I just haven't had the energy lately.  Thanks back to school time.

 T.I.R.E.D. wait, that's an understatement.  Completely exhausted.  Is it nap time yet?!!

Admiring: Patrick's cute little booty in his cloth diaper.  I admit, I have an obsessive problem with purchasing adorable fluff for his bum!

 The diaper laundry that I let soak in the washing machine ALL day long.  Gosh, it makes such a difference letting it soak all day--they get so darn clean and smell so good!

Buying: Well, not yet...but scouting out the rumored details of the iPhone 6 release andddddd when I'll be able to go buy one (and hand my iPhone 5S down to Mike).

Getting: Excited about fall and all of our upcoming festivities: Mike's sister Erin's wedding (and Patrick being the adorable ring bearer! I DIEEEEE.), the Missouri Google Summit, a tonnnnn of fall photo shoots, and Halloween!

Bookmarking: {try Pinterest-ing} Halloween costume ideas for Patrick, recipes I'll probably never make but look good, photo shoot ideas, and cool tech gadgets that I want but am too cheap to buy.

Disliking: My current hairstyle, which usually happens every 2ish years or so...then I get gutsy and chop it all off (and donate to Locks of Love) and get mad at myself for doing so and missing my long hair.  Stay tuned for an update on this hair cycle drama.

 TIRED.  Yes, already said this, just reiterating it.  Mama is tireddddddddd.  A nice long 3 day weekend is just what I need and want.  Saturday, come quickly puh-lease.

Snacking: Peanut butter M&Ms.  The devil.  Yet so delicious.

Coveting: The evening time I get with Patrick.  This summer was ah-mazing, and since I don't get to spend every day with him I savor and covet the time I get with him in the evenings (and on weekends).

Wishing: That this dreadful humidity we've been having lately would go away.  I know, we were spoiled all summer with very mild temps and relatively no humidity, but now it's torture and I just hate it and want it to be nice cool fall.

Helping: A co-worker with a Google problem via email, even though it's after school.  Like I said, I love my job.

Hearing: The song on the Google Chrome Coffee commercial ever since I showed it to my students earlier this week.  It is the cutest commercial ever, so I guess it's an okay song to get stuck in my head.

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