Big News!

First off, I went to title this post "Big News!" and noticed back in April I had already had a post with the exact same name when I was sharing my new job I decided to name it "Big News!" anyways, because, you can never have too many big news shares, right?!!

Mike came up with that announcement idea, by the way.  Just another reason why I love him so :)  Anyways, so yes!  BIG NEWS!  The Mooney clan will be expanding in April!  Our new little addition is due April 9th and we couldn't be more excited about it!  I thought I'd answer a few questions that I'm sure are burning in people's minds now that we're "out" here they are:
  1. We are not finding out the gender.  Sorry, but we want it to be a surprise!  With Patrick it was a surprise too, and it was the best surprise EVER!  So this baby will just be a baby until his/her debut in April.
  2. My first trimester is almost over and it has been NIGHT AND DAY different from when I was pregnant with Patrick.  Lots and lots of morning sickness that last all day long and lots of nausea (I didn't have that AT ALL with Patrick)...I'll detail that fun later for you in another post.
  3. We are going to do cloth diapers again for this kiddo (and continue to do them with Patrick until he's potty trained)--I've already started building my size 1 stash in preparation of #2.  We aren't going to do the diaper service either--we've established a wash routine that works for us, so tossing in another kid's diapers to do won't be that big of a transition from what we already do now.
  4. Per Patrick's birth, I am going to have a scheduled c-section (so probably before our April 9th due date) with this kid.  I'm not a risk-taker: I'm taking the easy way out.  Patrick was 10lbs even at birth...I am ohhhh-so-curious as to how big this kid is going to be.
  5. We have told Patrick he's going to be a big brother (see below), but he's 16 months old.  I don't think he quite "gets" it yet.  He does poke at my belly and say "bay-bee", but I still don't really think he understands what that word (that he mimics from hearing it from us) really means.  However, come April, he will have no choice but to understand what's happening!  Related, we think Scooter senses something is going on (again)--so he definitely knows.
Since I like to take pictures, I couldn't just settle for one reveal I took several :)  Here are a few more below that I thought I'd share with my blog family about our new one's upcoming arrival! 

what I hope he'll be like when his sibling arrives...

what I suspect he'll really be like when his sibling arrives.


I imagine he's saying, "Scooter, did you see this?!!  We're being replaced!!!"

I have been secretly blogging every week (and a bump pic too!) since we found out--something I regret not doing last time around.  I'm sure I'll be publishing those very soon too...if for no other reason than to give me something to look back on when #3 comes around.  Anyways, stay tuned for probably more-than-you-want-to-hear #2 updates!

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