Erin & Curtis' Wedding

WOW.  Just wow.  WHAT A WEEKEND.  Seriously, as I sit here wayyyyy too early this morning typing up a nice little blog post all about Erin and Curtis' wedding, I can't help but smile thinking about how awesomely perfect their wedding was.  I do secretly wish I'd have taken today off as well, because mama and baby #2 here are tiredddddddd this morning and would love another day to recoup and relax.  But alas, I am muscling through and thankful I am off to a job that I absolutely love.

Mike and I were clearly very excited for the day's festivities :)

So I do want to point out immediately that Patrick was not feeling good AT ALL this weekend.  Perfect timing, right?!!  Seriously.  This kid has been sick once EVER, and then this past Thursday, dude woke up super warm and definitely not himself: clingy, whiny, not wanting to eat, and wanting to just lay down.  Of course I thought it'd be like his last little sickness and he'd shake it after a day.  WRONG WRONG WRONG I was.  Friday came, rehearsal practice and rehearsal dinner, and Patrick was not himself AT ALL.  Lots of crying and screaming and me apologizing for my normally happy-go-lucky good natured kid acting out.  We (Patrick and I) actually left the rehearsal dinner before it really even started because dude needed to get home and get to bed ASAP.  Saturday, wedding day, he was no different--very clingy, whiny, and not himself.  Yes, he even screamed when Mike let him walk down the aisle and he had to be carried.  I again spent a lot of time at the wedding trying to convince unfamiliar people that this is not how he normally acts and that he's sick (I'm sure they're all like, "yeah, right, that's what every mom thinks.").  Luckily we did get a few good pics with him (not crying at least) at the ceremony, but after that he skipped the reception (I have NEVER seen him this upset!) and headed home with my aunt.  Mike and I left the reception early because he was not wanting to go to sleep and just screaming (SO unlike him!)--I said I'd call the exchange on Sunday to see if we needed to take him to urgent care (inner ear infection?  strep throat?  something else??), but wouldn't you know it?!  Patrick woke up Sunday PERFECTLY FINE.  Like nothing had been wrong the past 3 days.  I couldn't believe it--perfect timing, right?!!  I still made him an appointment at his doc for later today just to get him checked out (because he still I guess was a bit fussier than normal when he woke up this morning) we'll see what they say.  I guess if anything went "wrong" with their wedding, it was Patrick not feeling well...which, in the grand scheme of things, is small potatoes (if anything!) for Erin and Curtis.  But still, for me, it was a wittle bit stressful on Saturday seeing him feel so bad and nothing we did would really fix it.  Wow, I've rambled too long about Patrick (shocker)...time to get back on track to the main point of this post: Erin and Curtis!

Since I love taking pictures (no surprise there), I decided to bring my big camera and snap some pics of Erin and Curtis (probably to the hired photographers dismay, as I was literally right next to/behind them most of the day. oops.) throughout the day so I could share them ASAP with them after the wedding (instead of waiting for what seems like dreadfully long to get the hired photogs' pics back).

Erin and Curtis' wedding wasn't until 5:30pm on Saturday, so they decided they'd do pictures before the wedding.  After spending all morning with the other bridesmaids and Erin getting our hair and makeup done and getting ready, we headed off to Erin and Curtis' favorite park by their house so they could do their "first look".  I am NOT an emotional personal AT ALL, but holy cow, tears were a'flowin'.  I blame the hormones.

First off, how gorgeous is Erin?!!  And how cute are they both seeing each other for the first time?!!  So darn cute.  I really did shed a few tears (so unlike stone-cold Alex!) and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

After their first look we loaded onto the party bus and headed over to another part of the park to take some group pictures with all of the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and ushers.  My trusty assistant (and loving hubby) Mike snapped the ones of the girls (as I was indisposed) and I think they turned out awesome.  Since he's doing a LOT of photography now with his new job, he's really got the handle on snapping pics when I need him to.  All 4 Mooney brothers were ushers and I think they all looked so dapper and handsome in their tuxes.

After pictures at the park, we headed to downtown Kirkwood for Erin and Curtis to get some pics at the train station.  I had to go potty so Mike headed out there to snap some pics of them.  All of these photo credits go to him!  Isn't he good?!! I should bring him along to second shoot for me!

After a much needed potty break (cause I was chugging water while everyone else was chugging beers! haha!) we got a few pics snapped of the different bridesmaids and their significant others in front of the train station.

We were going to try and go to Ted Drewes for some more pics and ice cream, but it was getting late so we headed up to the church to settle in for a bit before it was time for the ceremony to start.  In the meantime my aunt and mom sent me these adorable pics of Patrick getting ready.  I die.  So cute.

Patrick and Lizzy both met us at the church and we got some super cute pics of them snapped before the wedding.  Patrick luckily only was his sickly screaming self for a few...most he just had this sad puppy look on his face (can't you just see it in his eyes that he's not feeling good?!!).  I did manage to get him to smile with me for ONE pic--probably because I was tickling his thigh and I know he can't ever resist that :)

Then it was wedding time!  Ahhhhhh!  Again, I totally cried when Erin walked down the aisle.  Dang hormones!  Sheesh!  But she looked gorgeous and I am so happy for her and Curtis that I literally was brought to tears.  It was so beautiful.  And the wedding was all of 10 minutes long (score!) so that was nice too.

After the wedding we got a few family pics in the church and outside in the cute little courtyard.  The weather was gorgeous and it just all around was the most perfect day.

We then headed out to the reception straight from the church.  I wish I'd have taken more pictures on the party bus and at the reception (total slacking on my part), but in all honesty I was so worried about Patrick not feeling well I kinda was focused on that.

yep. only reception picture. #photographerfail

Either way, the reception was awesome and so much fun!  (We did leave a smidgen early to go home and get Patrick to bed...since he was not wanting to go down for aunt Kate)  It was so great seeing all of Curtis and Erin's friends out there celebrating with them, and how truly happy Curtis and Erin are together.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this couple!  I hope they're having a blast on their honeymoon in Brazil!  Smooches to my new brother-in-law and his beautiful bride!

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