25 weeks.

25 weeks on the 25th of December!  Merry Christmas everyone!  I'll make this post short and sweet...cause it is Christmas after all, and I'm sure I'll have even more fun to post later today or tomorrow all about that.

I do want to point out that someone told me this week, while I was wearing the above outfit, "Oh, is this going to be a Christmas baby this year?!!"  Of course, I can NEVER muster up the courage to actually SAY what I'm thinking or really WANT to say (like, "yeah, if Christmas comes 3.5 months late this year), but geesh people!  I don't get it!  And I've gotten SOOOOO many more of these types of comments this year than I ever did when I was pregnant (and I thought bigger) with Patrick!  Gahhhh!  So I take to Instagram and my blog to vent, cause I gotta get it out somewhere.  Again, I hope someone who's reading this actually takes to heart that these types of comments, joking or not, are never okay to say to a pregnant lady.  Just keep your mouth shut, or better yet, lie, and tell her how gorgeous she looks.

Speaking of that, I really have been feeling really good.  I've had some minor back aches lately, but mostly if I'm standing too long my lower back starts to ache like no other.  But that's be a rarity when that has happened, so I'm thankful for that.  My wedding rings are still fitting (yee haw!!) and overall I am feeling really good--definitely better than I remember feeling at 25 weeks pregnant with Patrick.
I'm still thinking #2 is a girl...especially after taking my friend Casey's new little squish Lyla's newborn pics earlier this week!  For some reason, I was like, "Yep, this'll be me in a few months!"  (Casey also has a little boy, Sam, who's about a month older than Patrick).  Anyways, still on the girl kick for now.  And as far as names go, we are TORNNNNNNN.  Seriously, we have a few names for both a girl and a boy, and every single day my "favorite" name of that list changes...or a new one gets added.  So yeah, sorry people, no name revealing before the big day, cause he/she probably won't be named until we see their little face!  But, I will promise you this: this kid's name will look fantastic on the top of a resume.  No weird, unusual, or crazy names from us.  So there's your hint:

Well that's about all I've got for week 25...only a few weeks left in the 2nd trimester and I'll be in the 3rd home stretch!  I cannot believe it!  Have a Merry Christmas everyone and until week 26, adios!!

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