60 Degrees on December 14th

It was over 60 degrees in STL today.  OH.MY.GOSH.  What a treat in the middle of December, right?!  Little man has been fighting a bit of a cough/cold, but that didn't stop him from wanting to play outside.

We had our annual Margarita-Karaoke Christmas party last night (where Patrick got to stay with the grandparents), so once I picked him up this morning we headed outside for a nice little walk in the gorgeous weather.

So Patrick LOVES going for walks, especially when he gets to hold Scooter's leash.  I mean, come on.  Look at this pic.  I dieeeeee.  I can't handle how BIG my boy is!  And, side note, he kept his sunnies on for our entire walk!  Win!

Yeah, the walk went ah-mazing.  Gorgeous day, a little boy committed to walking his pup (and not running off from his parents), and even holding his mama's hand for part of it (I melt).  It was great.

HOWEVER, as soon as we decided to turn around at the end of the path to walk home, Patrick LOST HIS MARBLES.  He did NOT want to walk back home (probably cause he knows if we keep walking straight we walk to the park by us and he gets to swing) and he threw an enormous temper tantrum.  Threw his sunglasses off, would not hold Scooter's leash, and would not walk, just sat on the pavement crying.  Holy drama king!  And, maybe I"m just a stone-cold parent, but I refuse to give into his tantrums (which have started to pick up a wittle bit lately...like when he stands by the basement door screaming and crying cause he wants to go downstairs).  Yes, it's hard to watch him (and listen to him) scream and cry, but he's got to learn NOW, when he's young, that screaming and crying DOES NOT get him his way.  Sorry buddy, gotta learn this the hard way.  Mom and dad are suckers on some things, but not giving into tantrums.  We will not do it.

so.angry. we had to walk the way he didn't want to on the path!

Anyways, once we got back out of the path by our house, a switch flipped and Patrick was fine--and raced towards the swing in our front yard because he wanted to swing.  Hey, nice day, let's swing for a bit before lunch.  He LOVED it.  He loves swinging so much and I think forgets that he's got a nice little swing setup in his front yard.

After about 15 minutes of swinging it was time to go in for lunch, and cue again another monster tantrum.  Screaming and crying and NOT wanting to get out of the swing.  More drama llama from the little man.  Oyyyy.  But we didn't give in again--he promptly screamed and cried until we got inside and something then distracted him and his cries immediately stopped and he proceeded to play with his new Muppet toys on the coffee table (hellooooooo faker!).

Anyways, despite a couple tantrums (which could have been due to the fact that he's been fighting a cough/cold and was getting close to his nap time) it was a fun day--gorgeous day!--and I love that I got some pics to capture the memory of it (and now a blog post! ha!).

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