18 weeks.

Yo yo yo!  Here's to 18 weeks!  I cannot believe we are just 2 short weeks away from 'halfway there' -- I mean, I just have 21 weeks to go from here and I still cannot believe it!  It really is flying by!

Also!  Back to team blue this week.  Don't know what happened but I feel like I'm back on the boy train.  Maybe it's cause my face has started to break out like I'm back in middle school (ugh) and I don't remember that happening with the girls...and the linea nigra has started to appear (albeit super faint) way earlier than it did with the girls, but yep, back to team blue!  Gosh I'm gonna go back and forth over and over I bet!!

Now, to be honest: it's a wittle worrisome to me that I haven't felt this kid move AT ALL yet.  Thank goodness for my doppler so I can listen in whenever I want, but as far as movement goes: nada.  I KNOW I was feeling Rosie like crazy at this point and even feeling Annie by now (and I think Patrick too?? Dang nabit no blogging with him to look back on!) but seriously NOTHING with this kid.  I am just paranoid polly that I am having placenta issues again much like with Annie (remember this?!) and am SOOOO regretting making my halfway ultrasound at 21 weeks instead of 19 or 20.  REGRET!  I'm gonna see if I can reach out to my OB and get in sooner to calm my anxieties (and I hope I'm wrong!!!) but for whatever reason I just have an inkling that I may have some placenta concerns again.  UGH.  BUT, even so with that, it appears this kid is growing by the size of my ever-growing belly and strong heartbeat on my doppler, so I take comfort in that.

So, not much else exciting to report this week other than being busy busy with photo shoots and what not -- ahhhh fall, you sure are a busy one, aren't you?!  Anyways, until week 19 friends, adios!!

Current Gender Prediction?BOY
Baby is the size of...Candy apple
Cravings?Buffalo chicken dip
Overall mood?Feeling pretty darn good!
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?I don't think so????
Linea Nigra?SUPER faint just below belly button

Annie at 18 weeks                     Rosie at 18 weeks 

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