Rosie at 4 Years Old

I cannot believe it.

This chickadee is FOUR today! FOUR WHOLE YEARS OLD!  I feel like I was just hitting post on this last bump update and now here we are four years later celebrating our favorite oldest little lady!  Time sure is a thief.

Anyways, keeping with tradition 'round these parts, we did a little 4 year photoshoot for Ro -- and happened to have a leftover 4 balloon from Mike's surprise party that we were able to use as a prop!  It was a gloomy, rainy morning but I LOVE how these turned out!  And much like last year, Ro picked out her entire outfit!

We don't go to the doc for her 4 year checkup for another week or so, so you'll just have to deal with some mom stats for now.  Lucky you!

  • Ballparkin' it that she weighs around 45 pounds and stands about 40 inches tall or so...we'll see how right my guessimates are at her 4 year checkup!  Regardless, she's a big little lady!
  • Still has got 20 teeth!  And no cavities or anything negative to report from her dental visits, which go better and better each time we go!  Her first one, eh, not so much.
  • Wears a size 10-11 shoe (depending on the brand) and prefers her flip flops, water shoes, or sandals (just like her mama!) to socks and tennis shoes!
  • Is very independent -- can go potty (#1 and #2) all by herself (thank GOD finally!), can get dressed by herself, can brush her hair, etc... now she does like help sometimes with these things, but SHE CAN do them by herself and the majority of the time she does!
  • Can play by herself in her own little make-believe world for HOURS AND HOURS.  Again, fiercely independent and honestly, most of the time prefers to play by herself solo.
  • Is obsessed with 'little toys' -- Shopkins, LOLs, num nums -- you name it if it's tiny, she'll play with it.  She makes up little worlds and games for these things and can entertain herself for hours!  She also hoards her little toys in her bed because she says she likes to 'play for a little bit' before going to sleep. Haha!
  • Speaking of sleep, sill an excellent sleeper!  Goes to bed around 7:30-8pm every night and sleeps till about 7-8am the next morning, depending on what we have going on and if she's got school. She still takes a nap everyday -- she'll even ASK to take one! -- but some days she doesn't fall asleep, she's just in there playing quietly (which is totally fine because she's still having some down time).
  • Still a thumb sucker, usually when she's tired or 'bored' -- in goes the thumb!  And there's still no trigger for it, she'll pop it in whenever she feels like it.
  • OBSESSED with her iPad.  Like OBSESSED.  And probably my own fault, but she LOVES that thing.  We try and limit her using it to when she first gets up (that's helpful for everyone to let them wake up to their shows!), during meals (sue me. I don't care -- this allows us to eat in peace!), and after nap time/getting home from school for a bit.  We have enacted a new rule that she (and Patrick) have to play 15 minutes of 'games' (education games) before watching their shows...and they seem to be okay with it!
  • LOVES SO MUCH.  She loves her teachers, loves going every day, and just has a blast there!  She's looking forward to being in the 4s class next year with "Patrick's old teacher" and I cannot believe she only has one year of preschool left before kindergarten! SO CRAZY!
  • Loves her big brother "Papi" and little sister Annie SO SO SO MUCH.  Yes, they can fight like no other, but man, the love they all have for each other is unmatched.  It is so darn cute and just makes my heart flutter to see them all together!
  • Definitely has grown out of her temper.  I mean, she's still got one but it's much more mild than it was at this time last year.  Last year at 3 oh my gosh anything could set her off!  While she still has her moments, I feel like she's grown up a ton and is much more rationale with things and doesn't get as angry so easily.
  • Still very into princesses -- absolutely LOVES to play dress-up with her princess dress collection and asks nearly everyday as soon as she gets home to put on a princess dress.  Her current favorites are Rapunzel, Elsa, Elena, Anna, and Cinderella.  She's princess obsessed and asks when we can go back to Disney World again!
  • Is such a good eater.  She usually cleans her plate with every meal and isn't scared to ask for seconds.  She is a great eater and usually is willing to try things before she says she doesn't like them.  Her favorite food in the world is a pizza Lunchable.  She could eat those all day everyday!
  • Is very much a girly-girl: loves having her hair done, nails done, anything to be pampered!
  • LOVES adventuring with NeeNee, KiKi, Grandma -- really anyone!  She loves her weekly playdates with her buddies Jack and Riley on "Rosie Wednesdays" with NeeNee.  She's the happiest kid and so adaptable!
  • Got to go on a girls' only trip with mom to Florida! SHE LOVED IT!
  • Lots of nicknames still: Roey, Ro Ro, Robot, Rosie girl, Ro Boat...the way Annie says Rosie is just the CUTEST THING EVER!
Welp friends, that's all I've got for our little princess Rosie at 4 years old!  I cannot believe she is FOUR!  Where or where does the time go?!  Rosie, we are so lucky to have you in our lives and family -- I cannot imagine what life would be without you!  Keep doin' you, Rosie girl, don't let anyone change you!

And if you'd like a walk down memory lane, or to see what Patrick was like at 4, check out the links below!!

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