Mike's 40th Birthday

First off, I had been stressing HARD CORE for a good month about Mike's surprise party.  And this week is a crazy insane busy one not only with photo shoots (the norm!) but with my dad's retirement party and then Rosie's birthday party...and then Mike's!  It was so hard to remember who we were keeping a secret from -- like obviously Mike didn't know about this one and then I thought he was thinking my dad's party was a cover for his...gahhh! So difficult!  Whirlwind of travels then BAM!  Party mode!

At Sunday dinner I had my camera (cause I just came from this photoshoot) so I made Mike and the kids pose for a few pics (so I had some ammo to post for his birthday the next day. haha!)...but how freaking cute did these turn out?!??!

Anyways, I was SO HOPING we could pull off this surprise for his birthday.  I didn't think Mike had any clue so wanted to keep that going!  I was stressed out and nervous allllll day long, which in turns makes me feel sick, so that was fun.

After school we had presents to open for Mike -- the kids could not wait to help him open them!!  I was hoping he'd think this was it and be happy with his new record player and albums and other goodies.

And he was!!  He and Patrick then left for baseball practice and I hustled the girls into the car to run up to Duffy's to get things setup.  Patrick had practice from 5-6pm and I was going to text Mike when we got there to see if he'd want to meet us for dinner there afterwards at 6 (because I had all of the guests coming at 5:30pm).

I was tracking Mike's location the whole time, and then a little after 6 I noticed they were on their way from practice so I told everyone to get into position and I was going to go meet them out front to show them to our table.

SURPRISE!!!  He was so excited to see all of his friends and family there!  And he *may* have known, that he whispered to me, because one of his moron co-workers RSVPed TO HIM that he couldn't make it to his party on the 1st.  Which is just so infuriating because the invite had SURPRISE and DO NOT TELL HIM and other things on it telling that it was a surprise but apparently said co-worker can't read. Ugh.  Mike did say had he not blown it he would have had zero clue!  So A for effort, right?!?

But it didn't matter...he had a GREAT TIME!  And the kiddos had a great time too.  I mean, HOLY SUGAR RUSH BATMAN.  HAHA!

The balloons were a big hit...until they popped.  HAHA.  Then the tears started flowing!  Oh well, they still had a good time and got to stay up way past their bedtime!

But Mike's party was a hit and he had SO MUCH FUN.  It was the perfect venue for it and the food and drinks were just wonderful.  I think everyone had a blast!

We did manage to sneak in a couple family pics...

...and then obviously sing Happy Birthday with 40 candles on his cake!

All in all it was a wonderful night -- a big huge thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate our favorite big guy turning 40!!  This is gonna be

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