Easter 2019

Ahhhh, Easter.  This was what should have been Clark's first holiday, had he made it to his late February due date.  But sadly, we had to celebrate him above, and I tried my best to sneak in little pieces of him every where I could...like the kids' Easter baskets!

But even though we were missing our littlest guy, we had a great day with the big kiddos!  And the weather couldn't have been any more picture perfect -- taking that as a little sign from Clark :)

Mike got home and went to sleep immediately so he could get a nap for a few hours before heading to his parents for lunch and egg hunts...so I got the pleasure of distracting the kids with breakfast and shows until like 10am when we got Mike up and let them tear into their baskets!

One of them could have benefited from a morning nap herself I think ^^^ haha

The kiddos got some great stuff in their baskets (and limited candy -- go mom here!) and spent the rest of the morning playing with it before we herded them into the car to head off to the Mooney side lunch and Easter Egg hunt!

We had family pics scheduled with the amazing Twig & Olive Photography who were in town for a day doing sessions in STL Easter night, so I let the kids wear their family pic outfits as Easter outfits too!!  Patrick was OBSESSED with his suspenders and bow tie -- and golly he looked so handsome!

All of the cousins lined up for the hunt...which had like 100+ eggs hidden for them to find in the Mooney's gigantic backyard!  And then, off they went!!

They had a BLAST hunting for eggs and Patrick actually was super helpful with the younger kids in finding eggs but then putting them in their baskets too.  It was such a fun morning!

Annie somehow convinced Brian to sit at the kids' table with her for lunch -- which was hilarious.  He is the best uncle!

After lunch and some playing we then headed out to go home for naps -- crucial for everyone to take before our family pics! 

After naps all around, I got the kiddos up (let Mike sleep a bit longer), fed them an early dinner, got them dressed in their outfits that I had washed in between our events, and hurried them outside for a few snaps in their cute outfits before heading off to photos!

I knew it'd take a bit to get the pics back to us -- these photogs are awesome but sadly don't have Alex's turnaround time here haha -- so I wanted a few pics I'd have back right now that I took myself of us.

Annie acted -- welp, like Annie.  I was super optimistic how she'd do for another person.  Haha!  Oh well, real life, right?!?!?

So we had almost an hour drive to where pics were -- which I have been there before and it's GORGEOUS!  I need to offer some sessions there but like back to back to back cause it's a drive and obviously not worth it to go for one session...I mean I would, but you'll be paying a travel fee :)

We got there a tad bit early which was fine cause it gave the kids some time to run around and get the jitters out...and duh, I totally brought my camera too!!

Gosh isn't it gorgeousssss?!??! I literally cannot CANNOT WAIT to see the pics we got!  The kids actually did amazing -- I totally am stealing some of the things this amazing photog used to get kids engaged -- and we couldn't have had a more perfect evening or weather!

We let the kids watch a movie on the way home, and they we did baths and bed SO FAST when we got home cause it was way after bedtime (haha) but so worth it...I cannot wait to see the pics and share them with you!

This morning I had to wake up 2/3 kids to get ready to get Patrick to school!  Rosie was off again today so we all took advantage of the nice weather to walk Papi to school.

All in all we had an awesome Easter...missing our littlest guy but saw signs of him allllll day long that made our hearts smile.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!!  Enjoy your week my friends!!!

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