33 Weeks 🌈

FOUR WEEKS LEFT.  Less than a month.  Just 4 weekends left as a family of 5 (here with us) until we meet this new little babe! EEKKKKK!!! I seriously can.not.wait.

I had another NST last week (I've got one tomorrow, another Thursday, and repeat that for the next 4 weeks!) and this bean wanted to make things interesting!  I think he/she was in a deep sleep pattern because instead of the normal 20 minute test it was like an hour because it took some apple juice chuggin' for that little one to finally wake up!  Once he/she did, they passed with flying colors!  WOOT!  I didn't have another on Thursday since the office was closed (all of the OBs were gone for training) so I've got another one now tomorrow.  As 'stressful' as it was last week, once this kid was cooperative it did make me feel better.

But with that, my anxiety is still through the roof.  I'm back to not sleeping real well and waking up in the middle of the night completely panicked that I haven't felt him/her move and then I can't go back to sleep.  And then repeat that all day long -- if I don't feel movement my mind goes from everything is fine to OH MY GOD THIS BABY DIED.  This anxiety WILL BE WORTH IT -- I keep telling myself, but I also keep telling myself that this is IT.  I cannot CANNOT possibly do this again.  It's just too much -- the stress and panic and everything coupled with pregnancy after loss.  So I am pretty darn firm that this kiddo will be our last (plus 5 c-sections in 6.5 years is a SHIT TON.).  I just want this baby here in my arms and nothing more.  I pray everyday that his/her big brother is keeping a good watch over them from above so we can hopefully meet them happy and healthy in just 4 weeks.

Other than that anxiety and stress, not much else has been happening other than I've been extremely crazily busy with snapping!!!  Like more than I ever have been (which is great) but also HOLY BUSY...I mean, from Friday night until Sunday night I snapped 6 family sessions, 1 birth, and 1 Fresh 48. HOLY CATS!  I keep telling myself that if I push myself hard now it'll be worth it to have some down time when this kiddo comes.  I'm just praying for no rain (during my scheduled sessions!) and nice weather and happy families from here on outttttt!!

ALSO, this is a hilarious video of Annie kissing my belly, telling me it's a baby brother AND we should name him baby giraffe.  HAHA!!

Welp friends, that's about all I've got for this 33 week bumpdate...until week 34 (and just 4 more updates left until baby day! EEEKKK!), adios!

Current Gender Prediction?BOY
Baby is the size of...Cotton Candy
Cravings?Birthday cake Oreos with ice cold milk
Overall mood?Excitedly Anxious. Terrified. Repeat.
Rings on or off?Off :( See you in November rings!
Movement?Oodles! And hiccups too!!
Linea Nigra?(still) supppppper faint bellow and above belly button

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