Annie's Pants Troubles

I hope this makes you laugh as much as it did me.

The girls both are super into picking out their own outfits the night before school and laying them out.  It's quite cute.

Welp, Thursday night Annie picked out these donut pants (that Rosie wore A TON when she was her size) and a new sweatshirt.  Rosie picked out the same sweatshirt with a skirt and leggings.

Friday came, the girls got up and dressed and we dropped Annie off at school.  When Rosie and I went back to pick her up, we walked into her classroom and she was pulling her pants up from her ankles.  She then sprinted over to us and her pants fell down again and she did the same thing: pulled them back up!

Her teacher said this had been happening all day long.  Apparently the elastic waistband is stretched out and Annie's skinny little booty and waist just wasn't holding them up.

So, mom of the year here whips out her phone to record this just on our commute to the top of the school...

It barely phased her!  Meanwhile, I am DYING laughing that they just won't stay up and keep falling down! HAHAHA!!

Anyways, I'm still dying watching these videos.  Golly these girls are a hoot, aren't they?!  Hope you enjoyed the laugh! :)

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